Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara


Longcil Boncza's Cake Mascara is the company's most famous product. This glamorous beauty product has a cult following from Hollywood to New York, from models to socialites.

The overall effect is to shape, enhance and lend shine to your eyelashes. Its water resistant formula is gentle yet provides a dramatic effect. Plus, you won't have to worry about clumping or flaking. Unlike the other Longcils Boncza mascaras, this one comes with a larger thick brush (not a thick spiral wand). Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara contains top natural ingredients, combining the properties of an eyelash treatment and a luxury beauty product.

How to use:

  • Moisten the brush and rub it on the cake mascara in a circular motion for 10-30 seconds until you achieve a creamy consistency.
  • Apply the mascara slowly from the base to the tip of the eyelashes.
  • Allow to dry for a few seconds before re-applying.


  • Water Resistant
  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Quantity: One 4 g Net (.14 oz.) compact with a mirror and brush.


Longcils Boncza Paris is a cult-favorite makeup company favored by the rich and famous of Hollywood. Each Longcils Boncza product is designed with natural ingredients, combining the effects of a treatment product and a beauty product. This beloved brand’s cult favorite product, the Cake Mascara, is a best seller among beauty boutiques everywhere and is famous among beauty gurus for its lengthening and conditioning properties. With products that are designed to work together to create gorgeous looks while conditioning the skin and lashes, any Longcils Boncza product is the perfect gift for any beauty-obsessed woman!

Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Longcils Boncza cake mascara
By Linda from Napa, CA from on 2/7/2015
I am very happy with this product. No more worries that my mascara has smeared down onto my face. I also use it as an eye liner. Using an eyeliner brush to put it on, it does a perfect job and stays put all day. It is so much better than anything else that I have used. Pros: - Doesn't smear Cons: - The brush that comes with the mascara is too big to use.
Verified Buyer
By Cindy Kinson from Laguna Woods, California from on 11/11/2014
I love my cake mascara. It is so much cleaner to apply, while other wand-type mascaras become bacterial magnets. I've had eye problems for some time. This is the only mascara I trust to be bacteria free for much longer. Although it is a bit costly, I believe the benefits far outweigh the price. Actually, from what I read about the cake type mascara is that it will last more than three months unlike the wands. Pros: - clean
easy to apply
does not clump up
leaves my lashes long and thick
easy to remove, yet does not run while on
Verified Buyer
Longcils mascara
By donna from Coos Bay, OR from on 8/27/2014
Very nice
Verified Buyer
LOVE this!
By MaryBeth from Portland, OR from on 1/11/2014
I think I have tried at least half of the mascaras on the market in the last couple years in an attempt to find one that won't flake or smudge. I use a lot of sunscreen and moisturizer so even 'waterproof' or 'tubing' mascara could not stand up to that challenge. BUT Longcils Cake Mascara is succeeding where the others have failed. It takes a couple minutes longer to apply than other mascaras but it does not flake or smear even after a long day of repeated applications of sunscreen. It gives a very natural look to your lashes and the I use the brown which is a more natural color with my lighter colored hair. I highly recommend this product. Pros: - Great natural looking lash enhancement and very resistant to smudges, smearing or flaking Cons: - A teensy bit of work to apply but well worth the effort
Verified Buyer
Potted mascara
By Janet from Tennessee from on 7/15/2013
The idea is good. I went by your reviews to purchase. The mascara is okay, nothing to brag about. Perhaps if you had massive lashes the effect would be different. Mine are okay, just not overwhelming. Mascara made them look a bit thicker but not longer. Could not getbthe tips of lashes coloered. Pros: - Solid format. Cons: - Brush does not allow tips of lashes to get product.
Verified Buyer
Not Your Daughter's Mascara
By Cathrine from Beverly Hills, California from on 6/20/2013
I have had difficulty using most "wand" type ready mixed mascaras since they became prevalent ages ago. Black and brown mascaras always caused my eyes to water and turn red. Even those that purport to be hypoallergenic or opthalmalogist recommended. Then there was the problem with mascara making the lashes stick together or get hard and crispy!

Not with Longcils Cake Mascara. No watering no tears no redness or irritation whatsoever. I apply two coats and my lashes look long, thick and fluffy--like lashes should look. I do use a lash curler before applying. I do use a mascara comb as a precaution to make sure all lashes are separated--but I also always did that with tube mascara too. The lashes look natural and the stuff stays on unless you cry or get caught in the rain.

I love this stuff. I will not go back. Pricewise this is equivalent to two Dior tubes, or Lancome tubes of mascara in my area. However, Longcils does not dry out or spoil and the amount of product lasts four months of everyday wear.

It's not for everyone maybe, and my daughter says it isn't rapid enough for her. But I love , love love it and friends have noticed how natural it looks. Yay.

Pros: - Color, quantity appearance after use, lasts all day. Cons: - The applicator brush should have a thinner head with slightly softer bristles.
Verified Buyer
By jan from michigan from on 4/14/2013
Verified Buyer
The first and only mascara I'll ever buy.
By Ms. C. Porter from South Dakota from on 1/8/2013
As my title says, this is the first mascara I have ever purchased. I decided to try it because of the wholesome ingredients and the long shelf life. It is wonderful! My lashes look long, full, and completely natural. Yes, the brush takes some practice, but having never used another mascara made me pick it up quickly.

Also, I wanted to thank WhatSheBuys for their excellent customer service. My item was on back order and they answered my questions promptly and professionally. They even managed to get it to me in time for Christmas. I will certainly order from them again.
Verified Buyer
By RANDEE from MONROE, NY from on 11/4/2012
Verified Buyer
Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara
By Michele from Roseville, CA from on 6/17/2012
Longcils Boncza cake mascara is an excellent product. If you have been looking for a cake mascara this is the product for you. This product is of the highest quality.
Verified Buyer
Outstanding Results
By Leigh from Coeur d'Alene from on 5/21/2012
Never thought I'd be so very pleased with a cake mascara but after many, many years of discouraging results with tube mascaras, I finally decided to try this. It works beautifully! There is absolutely no clumping together or bloblets of product clinging to the ends of my lashes, as with tube mascaras. It is easy and quick to mix, proper consistency happens at a clearly defined moment -- like the thickening point when boiling a custard or gravy. Gives lashes a very dark, pretty color. Best of all, there is NO smudging or flaking after a full day's wear. I've thrown out every tube mascara in my makeup drawer now -- this cake mascara is a true winner! Pros: - Exceptional performance
Easily removed
Verified Buyer
The only mascara for me
By Lori from Jamestown, NY from on 2/22/2012
I have been using this product for many years. I have tried to go back to tube type mascaras and throw them away every time, always returning to this cake mascara. Yes, the brush takes getting used to and you have to experiment with how much water to use. My best result comes from using only a drop of water and applying a light base coat. After that is thoroughly dry I wet the brush a tiny bit more and apply another coat or two with a wetter product. I also let the mascara "sit" on the brush for a few minutes before applying. As far as price, this is the most cost-effective mascara I have ever used. I wear mascara DAILY and this cake usually lasts me 9 months. I can't find a decent tube mascara for a comparable cost.
Verified Buyer
Long and lush
By Julie from Indiana from on 2/21/2012
I cannot believe it took me this long to try cake mascara. I was so tired of throwing away tube after tube of the new "plastic wand" types. I even tried using disposable mascara spools, the new mascaras just clump before your lashes look full and, then they look hard and spidery.

I applied one coat of this on bare, dry lashes, pretty good. Then two...GREAT. Long and lush, but natural looking. I could not be happier. The product stayed on all day. I also tried it with Paula Dorn's Transformer instead of water. Awesome. As a trial, I did my 30 minute cardio and no runs! Yippee Pros: - Natural looking
Makes lashes look lush
Buildable. It's up to you.
More control over amount of product applied. Cons: - May have a " - learning" - curve for some users. Try using a magnifying mirror and don't soak the brush.
Verified Buyer
Always on the look out for better mascara
By Ahn from Manassas, VA from on 2/4/2012
I was expecting much more performance from this product and it did not compare with the tube mascara I've been using for the last 30 years. Every now and then I will try a different mascara that promises to lift and lengthen the lash. Because of the "Hollywood" story behind this one and high expense, I thought perhaps there was something extra special I hadn't tried. What a disappointment! As far as "wand or tube" mascara, don't rapid pump the wand in the tube because it injects too much air into the formula and ruins it. Cons: - NO dramatic lashes
Brush is too large and awkward to control Over priced Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
A mascara that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes
By Victoria from San Diego, California from on 11/8/2011
I have this cake mascara in Brun (brown) and Black and yes...it's a lot more difficult to apply, but it looks so natural (if that's not the look you're going for...I don't think you'll like this mascara on its own).

Even so called low allergy mascaras have irritated my eyes, and the ones that didn't...well...they've been discontinued for the most part. I have fallen asleep in this mascara and it doesn't irritate or make my eyes tear. Also...my lashes stay up if the mascara if applied correctly. Another thing...if you do get it too wet, you can wait, and then curl you lashes again. This is absolutely the only mascara where you can curl your lashes before or after or both without ripping or damaging them.

The only thing wrong with this mascara is the brush. It's too big...period, and if I try to put it on with this, I always poke my left eye, and I'm very coordinated. I've purchased a mascara fan brush, and while this is really good for finishing the lashes...it really doesn't apply it very well, and I have the MAC 205...a very good mascara fan brush. Recently I've purchased a bunch of those disposable mascara wands (you know...fifty for five dollars), and mix it in the little round cake. This works the best for me. I still use the brush that comes with it for mixing and sometimes transfer the mixture onto the wand or my mascara fan brush mostly for finishing.

I know it's a lot of trouble, but so is having red itchy eyes. Also...my eyelashes look so lovely. I've tried other brand cake mascaras and there are not as good as this one, and using the disposable wand method...It really is fast. Also...I know it looks like a tiny little bit, but the well is deep and it seems to last forever (I've had both for well over a year....AND...

It also works great for tightlining or just plain eye lining with zero irritation.

HTH's Pros: - eyelashes look naturally full and lush
Absolutely non-irritating
Doesn't come off even though it isn't advertised as long lasting
Can be used to line the eyes as well. Cons: - Steep learning curve
Verified Buyer
Cake Mascara AT LAST!!
By Robbie from San Diego, CA from on 9/29/2011
I love this mascara. It thickens the lashes and gives the apprearance of wearing eye liner. I do apply my water proof mascara over my lashes after first applying the Longcils. It is wonderful to have full, thick lashes as only cake mascara can do again. Pros: - I love the ease with which it can be applied. Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
cake mascara
By Barbara from Caldwell, ID 83605 from on 9/29/2011
I will not purchase this product again. The brush is too large for the mascara. The mascara is very small for the price. It is difficult to use the brush to apply the mascara since the brush is so large and the mascara is not easily obtained with the large brush. I can't imagine what someone was thinking when they assembled this product.
Cons: - Too high a price
To little mascara
Too big a brush Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
In general I like the product.
By Sandy Wilhelm from Cincinnati, OH from on 9/9/2011
I don't mind taking the time to add layers. I'm looking for a totally non toxic mascara. I have to learn how to use this product most effectively as my brush is full of product and the bristles are stuck together. Pros: - My understanding is that this mascara is non toxic. That to me is a huge plus. I'm looking for a totally non toxic mascara. I will continue to work with this product to learn how to use it most effectively. Cons: - It comes off too easily. One tear drop or sweat makes it run and you get " - racroon eyes. You have to be careful not to get too much water on the brush and on the lash as it will bunch the hairs together too much.
Verified Buyer
Longcils Broncza Cake Mascasra
By Angie Marti from Oakland, CA from on 8/25/2011
I can't get the hang of using the lash brush, simply because I'm accustom to only using a spiral brush. I'll continue to practice. I do like not needing to use a special mascara remover, for the little I do succeed in getting on my lashes. Thank you! Angie Martin Pros: - Removable with regular skin cleansers Cons: - The brush
Verified Buyer
Great product!!!
By Carol from Las Vegas, Nevada from on 8/20/2011
I love this mascara. I have no more racoon eyes. It stays put yet comes off easily. May take some time getting use to putting it on, but you'll get the hang of it in time. Pros: - stays put, comes off easily Cons: - expensive
Verified Buyer
This Cake Mascara is Great!
By Carla from Atlanta, Georgia from on 6/25/2011
I've become allergic to traditional mascaras as of last year. My eye area does not like liquids and oily moisturizers anymore. I came across this mascara recently, ordered it and love it. It works great for me! Pros: - I don't have to throw it out after a few months - don't have to worry about it drying out. It's already dry, just add water!
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara
By SM from on 2/12/2011
I love this mascara - I've found it quite easy to use and compared with other cake mascaras I've seen, the brush is superior. I suppose it does take a bit more time (depending on how glamorous you like to be) but the results are great and once you get the hang of it, it goes fairly quickly. I particularly like that there is no problem with bacterial growth as you find in tube mascaras (the main reason so much mascara gets thrown away) and problems for those of us with sensitive eyes - just wash the brush and your eyes stay healthy and beautiful!
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara
By Anonymous from on 1/6/2011
Great product, as evidenced by the trouble I took to procure it (sent to a U.S. friend who then brought it to Canada for me!). Really, you must begin to ship across the border... This mascara is perfection -- easy to use - lush lash effects... I've looked for cake mascara ever since Maybelline ceased production -- nothing compares!
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara
By Dolores from on 1/5/2011
I have used Longcils since my modeling days in the 60's. I have tried other, wand-type mascaras both expensive
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara
By Marlene from on 12/11/2010
I have used this mascara for several years and it is wonderful. I have very sensitive eyes and can wear it with comfort. Also, when my eyelashes get wet, it doesn't run onto my face. It does not go on heavy, so I don't get a heavy mascara lash look which is fine with me.