Longcils Boncza Ultra Mascara



The Longcils Boncza Ultra Mascara is a new generation of triple function, water-resistant mascara that lengthens, curls and thickens your lashes. Its rich perfumed cream formula coats and thickens your eyelashes in a single application for maximum volume effect. Plus, it contains long lash agents for increasing length. Its specially designed precision spiral brush separates your lashes and enables a precise and even application. It lengthens and thickens your lashes without clogging them.

Although the formula is water resistant, it is still gentle enough for sensitive eyes and is easily removed with waterproof liquid make-up remover.


  • Water Resistant
  • Grows and Nourishes Lashes
  • Immediately Lengthens Lashes
  • Quantity: One .5 fl. oz. (16 ml) bottle with brush applicator wand.
  • Color: Black


Longcils Boncza Paris is a cult-favorite makeup company favored by the rich and famous of Hollywood. Each Longcils Boncza product is designed with natural ingredients, combining the effects of a treatment product and a beauty product. This beloved brand’s cult favorite product, the Cake Mascara, is a best seller among beauty boutiques everywhere and is famous among beauty gurus for its lengthening and conditioning properties. With products that are designed to work together to create gorgeous looks while conditioning the skin and lashes, any Longcils Boncza product is the perfect gift for any beauty-obsessed woman!

Longcils Boncza Ultra Mascara Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Lovin My lashes
By Happy Kamper from sunny CA from on 2/26/2012
I realllly Luv this mascara. I have short and not to many lashes and this mascara really makes them pop. I can notice the length and thickness right away and friends of mine notice the difference when I am wearing it. Every woman loves a compliment. Thanks for selling this.
Verified Buyer
Thickens Lashes
By Michelle from California from on 2/23/2012
My lashes are already pretty long, and this mascara really thickens and defines them. I wears pretty well and I've noticed just a little flaking by the end of the day.
Verified Buyer
Worst mascara I've ever used!! Throwing it away!
By Jenny from Tucson, AZ from on 1/16/2012
I rarely write reviews, but I was so disappointed with this mascara that I had to write one. Basically, it's AWFUL!!! The brush is very very fat & when I apply it to my short lashes it makes a mess & gets all over my skin on the upper lid, lower lid & outer corner of my eye. Then you have to clean all around your eye to get it off the skin! It also smudges terribly under the eyes during the day and I looked like a raccoon by afternoon. I was very excited about trying a new mascara, but I have used this twice & won't be giving it a third try. I have been pleased with all the other purchases I've made so far through WhatSheBuys, but I'm sorry I ordered this product since cosmetics aren't returnable. If you have short lashes, I do not recommend this at all!!!
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Longcils' Ultra Mascara
By M Gomez from on 12/8/2010
This mascara ROCKS! I have short thin lashes and this mascara makes them look thick and long. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Verified Buyer
Review for Longcils Boncza Longcils' Ultra Mascara
By Caitlyn F from on 6/4/2008
I love this mascara. unfortunately I have other things to pay for, but if I didn't, i'd be replacing mine with this one right about now. The results are amazing.