Lori Bonn Leather Bracelet Stopper Set - Silver Bling



The Lori Bonn Leather Bracelet Stopper Set - Silver Bling are a pair of silver over brass stoppers each featuring a sparkling column of cubic zirconia. Use these stoppers as jewelry bookends that will securely keep your Lori Bonn Bonn Bons from sliding while adding a touch of style to any Lori Bonn design.

Size: 1/2" x 3/16" x 1/4" (h x w x d).

Care: To polish, use a soft damp cloth or silver polishing cloth, then dry thoroughly. Avoid hot water, cleaners, and solvents. Common kitchen products like lard, salad oil, and butter should also be avoided, as they can form a dull, white coating. Avoid bumping against any hard surfaces as silver can scratch or dent. Store jewelry separately in a small bag.


Lori Bonn, a northern California based company, designs beautiful sterling silver pieces. Combining colorful gems with bold silhouettes and exquisite detailing, Lori Bonn has gained a huge fan base including Hollywood A-listers like Hilary Duff and some of the cast of TV sensation “24.” You can’t go wrong— build your own personalized charm bracelet and let your new statement piece be the center of attention. Lori Bonn continues to create jewelry that fuels imagination and lets your unique personality shine through!

Lori Bonn Leather Bracelet Stopper Set - Silver Bling Reviews

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By Carol from Frankfort, NY from on 1/24/2014
Love these stoppers. They sparkle and look beautiful on my bronze leather bracelet.