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Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet - Bonn Bons


The base of the Lori Bonn Bonn Bon collection, the Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet elegantly displays your Lori Bonn slide charms. Packaging: This bracelet comes packaged inside a dark brown Lori Bonn jewelry bracelet box. Note: All Lori Bonn Filigree Stoppers and Lori Bonn Bonn Bons are sold separately. How Many Bonn Bons? The Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet can hold from 6 to 7 Bonn Bons on the 7 inch bracelet and 7 to 8 Bonn Bons on the 8 inch bracelet plus a pair of Lori Bonn Stoppers depending upon which Bonn Bons are selected. Note: All Lori Bonn Slide Charms are sold separately.

Care: To polish, use a soft damp cloth or silver polishing cloth, then dry thoroughly. Avoid hot water, cleaners, and solvents. Common kitchen products like lard, salad oil, and butter should also be avoided, as they can form a dull, white coating. Avoid bumping against any hard surfaces as silver can scratch or dent. Store jewelry separately in a small bag. Related Products: Lori Bonn has recently released the Lori Bonn Double Strand Sterling Silver Sterling Necklace that allows you to use the Lori Bonn slide charms to create your own Lori Bonn Bonn Bon Necklace.


  • Size: 7" to 7 3/4" on the 7 inch and 8" to 8 3/4" on the 8 inch bracelet. Chain Length 5 3/8" & 6 3/8". Closure, Chain to First Link 7" & 8". Overall Length 7 3/4" ($98) & 8 3/4" ($118).


Lori Bonn, a northern California based company, designs beautiful sterling silver pieces. Combining colorful gems with bold silhouettes and exquisite detailing, Lori Bonn has gained a huge fan base including Hollywood A-listers like Hilary Duff and some of the cast of TV sensation “24.” You can’t go wrong— build your own personalized charm bracelet and let your new statement piece be the center of attention. Lori Bonn continues to create jewelry that fuels imagination and lets your unique personality shine through!

Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet - Bonn Bons Reviews

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Verified Buyer
By ginny from bensalen, pa from on 9/8/2013
It fit really well on the wrist.
Verified Buyer
Third Bracelet so far
By Sharon from Worcester, MA from on 5/19/2013
This is my third one of these bracelets. I have quite a nice selection of Bon Bons now and to make it easier I have purchased three of these bracelets. Saves time in the morning instead of changing them up. Very well made. Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Love this bracelet
By Sharon from Worcester, MA from on 6/20/2012
This is the second bracelet for me! I have quite a collection of Bon Bons now, so having more than one bracelet makes it easier to change up the look. Love the whole concept and the fast service that What She Buys provides. Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
So comfortable!!!
By Barb from Natchez, Ms from on 9/27/2011
Comfortable and flexible - feels light on wrist! Pros: - everything Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
Lori Bonn starter bracelet
By Linda from Narragansett, ri from on 7/20/2011
Nice triple chain bracelet suitable for slide charms. Lori Bonn is doing the Pandora, Alex and Ani.Troll, collect a charm bracelet with a little twist. I bought this for Victorian watch slide charms and it works great.I use a few of her charms annd spacers and it makes a great different statement piece. Pros: - SS and functional for what I needed. Cons: - The charms are a little on the glitzy side but the bracelet is the only triple chain ss on the market.
Verified Buyer
Must Have for Bonn Bons
By Barbara from Greenville, NC from on 4/23/2011
I love choosing charms to create different looks using this bracelet as a foundation. Has a nice feminine "drape" around one's wrist. Design makes it easy to change charms. Additionally, three loops and extender makes it appropriate for most wrist sizes. Pros: - Essential for Lori Bonn slide charms
Feminine Cons: - Stoppers seem to bend the bracelet strands
Verified Buyer
Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet
By Kathryn from Germantown, TN from on 4/12/2011
I was thrilled to find this wonderful starter bracelet. I have been collecting Scottish agate sterling stickpins for several years to use to make a slide bracelet, but the cost of a white gold slide bracelet was far more than I could pay for the bracelet. Our local jeweler used this bracelet and two of the filigree stoppers as the basis for my wonderful and unique slide bracelet at a fraction of the cost I would have paid otherwise. Pros: - Great style, adjustable length, and great price. Cons: - Nothing!
Verified Buyer
Fabulous bracelet
By Amy from Chicago IL from on 4/2/2011
Great Lori Bonn quality - extra fast and safe shipping. I love the adjustable length - I have trouble finding bracelets that are short enough not to fall down on your hand. As you add charms, you can make it longer Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Review for Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet - Bonn Bons
By Connie Kern from on 1/1/2011
Fast delivery. Beautiful quality. However, I would have preferred a different type of clasp. This one is hard to put on by yourself, plus for me, the middle loop is a little too loose (given that the charms are heavy and end up under instead of over your wrist), while the shortest loop is just a little too tight to get on. Also, I had understood that the bracelet would come with some sort of small bands to hold the charms in place, and never did get any. Instead, on Christmas day I went online and ordered the endcaps.
Verified Buyer
Review for Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet - Bonn Bons
By Carol from on 11/27/2010
Fast delivery. Beautiful bracelet. It was delivered without small plastic rings. Those came in the mail the next day with a handwritten note. You don't see that kind of service at a big box store. I will continue to shop with you.
Verified Buyer
Review for Lori Bonn Triple Strand Starter Bracelet - Bonn Bons
By georgia from on 5/20/2010
A terrific idea, love the bracelette, would definatly recommend. The bonn bonns are adictive!