With a reputation for excellence, Mavala has set the tone for innovation with a youth-enhancing treatment and beauty product line. Taking a targeted approach to rejuvenation and restoration, Mavala offers a variety of eye, facial and hand products designed to reverse aging symptoms and restore vitality. From hand treatments to relieve dry, sensitive skin to lip balms designed to infuse moisture with aloe vera and shea butter, the base treatment lays the groundwork for optimal results.

The beauty product line boasts products with both vivid color and tactical feature-enhancement. With mascara designed to maximize eyelash length and nail polish promoting nail vitality, Mavala’s collection treats the body from the inside out. Perfect for gift-giving, Mavala offers the Mavala ‘Mini’s’ Value Sets for nail treatment and the Mavala’s Lip Collection for luscious lip care.

What Makes Mavala So Special?

  • Mavala guarantees results.Mavala is so confident in their products that they will refund your money if they don't do exactly what they say. Period. No risk to you.
  • Mavala uses only the highest grade ingredients available.
  • Every Mavala product is developed to solve a particular problem.
  • Mavala manufactures its products in Geneva, Switzerland, in conformity with the most rigorous quality standards and regulations

Mavala categorizes its products into five categories: Mavala Nail Care, Mavala Eye Care - including the popular Mavala Double Lash, Mavala Hand Care and Mavalia Face Care. Each category contains essential products that are a necessity to any beauty regiment.