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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set



Brighten up your little one's day while stimulating their imagination with Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32-piece set. These brightly-colored translucent shapes are the perfect building toy for young minds. Ideal for using near a window or atop a light table, watch your little one's eyes brighten as lights shine through the multi-colored pieces. Create rainbow castles, illuminated igloos and bright buildings with our easy-to-use-inch shapes, perfect for little hands. Color their world with Magna-Tiles Clear Colors.


  • Ages 3 & up
  • All Magna-Tiles are compatible
  • 2 large squares
  • 4 right triangles
  • 8 equilateral triangles
  • 14 small squares
  • 4 isosceles triangles.


From imagining marvelous buildings to creating one, Magna-Tiles specializes in creating geometric magnetic building tiles that encourage creativity and foster the growth of developmental and motor skills. Each colorful tile holds so many possibilities for visionary young minds. Play can be both fun and educational with Magna-Tiles.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Love these for toddlers BUT
By Katie from Texas from on 1/11/2014
We love these for our twins! they help with color, shapes and using there imagination the only problem though is the price! it is ridiculous These were a christmas present and my twins want to play together but 30 blocks for two kids does not work very well. I want to buy them more but who can afford $200 for blocks in this economy? Who ever comes up with the prices is a money hungry xxxxx xxx. These use to be affordable but now its insane. I would recommend them to friends if I thought anyone could really afford these. Cons: - Price is ridiculous!
Verified Buyer
By Linda Brooks from Laguna Niguel, CA from on 12/29/2013
I would give 10 stars if I could. I originally tried to order through Amazon, but because it was too close to Xmas they were sold out and couldn't guarantee delivery. I looked for a place locally and your name popped up. The price was the same as Amazon, and although I'm usually happy with their service, yours was better. I ordered the packages from Amazon the same day and yours got here a day earlier. Pros: - This product comes highly recommended by parents and so it's for my grandchild. Cons: - Nothing so far
Verified Buyer
Love these
By Kate from KC from on 12/14/2013
My 3 and 4 year old boys play with these almost, if not, everyday. They are a great open ended play item that promotes creativity and spatial awareness and math skills. They first tried them at preschools so I know they would like them and ordered the 100 piece set. Since then I have bought another 100 piece set and since they love them so much I am planning to get a 3rd set. You do not have to have this many for them to enjoy them, but since my boys work together to build large designs I am willing to get more. I know that they will play with these for many years. We took these to the grandparents over Thanksgiving and ALL the older cousins and some aunts and uncles designed structures. Can't say enough good things about them. BTW, I am not someone who buys my kids tons of toys--I would rather have a smaller group of quality toys that will grow with them.
Verified Buyer
Great colors for toddler.
By Edna from Glenside, PA from on 12/1/2013
Easy to order and fast delivery.
Verified Buyer
Super Product
By Marytru from Suburban Chicago from on 11/2/2013
Purchased this smaller set as a supplement to the 100 pieces. set my 3 year old grandson already has. He gets lots of enjoyment creating his Magna-Tile structures. Ordering through Whatshebuys was what you expect from an online merchant --- perfect.
Verified Buyer
Great toy
By Ellen west from Maryland from on 12/29/2012
My grandchildren love the magnetic tiles. They create very interesting structures and incorporate the structures with other toys, such as cars, airplanes, small figures etc.
Verified Buyer
By Anne from Northville, Michigan from on 12/28/2012
My 2 and 3 year old love these and are building all sorts of things. Helps with creativity and dexterity.
Verified Buyer
My son loves these. This will be our second set so he can make even bigger designs.
By Colorado from Colorado from on 12/13/2012
Fast shipping. Good price.
Verified Buyer
Christmas Present
By Diana from Peoria, Illinois from on 12/10/2012
I had never heard of these tiles until my Daughter-In-Law when asked gave me this idea for my 3 year old granddaughter. She plays with them at a friends house every time she visits her so my Daughter-In-Law said she'd love them. They look really nice and came wrapped really well and in tacked. Either her Mom or I will probably get her more for her 4th birthday in February.
Verified Buyer
Magn Tiles Clear Colors
By Sandy from Chicago, Illinois from on 12/7/2012
My mother first bought these for my now 10 years old when he was 4 years old. They have been a favorite item from day one. He still plays with them as do all of the kids in our neighborhood who love to come over and create numerous towers, cities, tile worlds. We now own 12 sets. We also own the opaque tiles, but the clear colors are by far the most coveted.
Verified Buyer
Best price,excellent service!
By Peg from Rome from on 11/25/2012
Product came highly recommended. It is a Christmas gift for a 5 years old nephew. I did my research and you had the best price...with good gift wrapping.
Verified Buyer
Arrived in great shape
By Pat from PA from on 11/15/2012
This item arrived in great shape and I think my grandson will love them.
Verified Buyer
Magna-Tiles clear color set
By Gail Hardenbrook from LOUISVILLE,KY. from on 9/24/2012
This item if a fantastic toy. My grandchildren ages 2-10 love playing with this. This is the 3rd set I have bought for them! they keep wanting more to build bigger!
Verified Buyer
Great fun!
By Jami from Minnesota from on 9/1/2012
Grandchildren ages 5, 3, and 2 love these.
Verified Buyer
This is our second set . . .
By Maria from Michiga from on 8/6/2012
My three kids play with the current set we have every single day (4, 6 & 8 years old), and I knew they would build even more if they had more materials, so I purchased a second set. Pros: - Unlimited play. Cons: - Expensive.
Verified Buyer
Magna-Tiles - 32 piece set
By Karen from Minneapolis, MN from on 6/13/2012
My 3 year old son LOVES magna-tiles. They keep him occupied for long periods of time and allows him to be creative. He is constantly making up new creations with the tiles. In hindsight, we should have bought the larger set (100 pieces) from the get-go. We ended up buying the 100 piece set to supplement and now we can really create some great towers! The item shipped incredibly fast and was the best deal I found online.
Verified Buyer
Sturdy, educational, FUN
By Samantha from Albuquerque, NM from on 5/11/2012
These tiles are the best building tool we've ever owned. My 4 year old is absolutely obcessed with building. This is the best toy we've found for 3D building, that won't break, leave little pieces everywhere, and survices even an 80 lb dog stepping on it. This is our second set, because we just had to build even bigger
Verified Buyer
Kids Love these
By Eric from Illinois from on 3/26/2012
We got these for our 3 year old twins and they absolutely love them. Great price at WSB as well! Thanks!
Verified Buyer
My New Favorite.
By Mary Ann Deaktor from Miami, Florida from on 3/25/2012
Great price on hard to find item & fast shipping.
Verified Buyer
Best toy ever
By Itohoiot from Los Angeles from on 3/24/2012
I searched high and low for this item. So lucky to find it here.
This toy is perfect. My son is so happy. He has been playing with it day in day out.
Verified Buyer
By Linda Anders from IL from on 12/10/2011
bought these last year and wanted more for grandsons they love them easier to build with then lego age last year 5 and 3 3 yr old now 4 plays with them more but he is the one with imagination the price was high last year and went way up this year if I hadn't promised I would get him more I doubt I would have bought. Very hard to find and some sellers were taking advantage of that What she Buys. com was the most higher then last year prices but not to the extreme. Pros: - Great for young builders Cons: - Price last year 100 pieces was $100. which I thought to be high then
Verified Buyer
As described. Needed them for X-mas. Delivered as promised!
By Lisa from Chicago, IL from on 12/9/2011
Only placeI could find these! Happy to have them for xmas
Verified Buyer
By Gabe from Reynoldsburg,Ohio from on 12/9/2011
My kids love them!
Verified Buyer
Great price
By Jenna from Arizona from on 12/8/2011
I had trouble finding this item in the first place and WSB had the best price plus free shipping. thanks!
Verified Buyer
They loved them!
By Joanne from Wash DC from on 12/4/2011
My 5 and 6 yr-old grand kids loved them - are playing with them constantly and I can see how the tiles really bring out their creativity. These are great products.

They could probably use another set of them to extend the types of things they can create.

Very highly recommend them