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Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Piece Set



The ultimate building set for your master architect and designer, Magna-Tiles Standard 100-piece set is our most comprehensive and complete collection yet! The possibilities are endless, as 54 squares and 36 triangles of different shapes and angles come together to inspire your little one's imagination and ingenuity. Castles, houses, faces, animals and abstract designs are just some of the few things that are waiting to be brought to life by your child's hands. With such a large variety of pieces, you'll never hear the sound of a whine. And since all Magna-Tiles are compatible with each other, this extensive set is the perfect way to complete an existing collection of Magna-Tiles.


  • Style: Solid Colors
  • Measures 12 x 3 x 9 inches
  • 50 Small Squares
  • 4 Large Squares
  • 20 Equilateral Triangles
  • 11 Right Triangles
  • 15 Isosceles Triangles


From imagining marvelous buildings to creating one, Magna-Tiles specializes in creating geometric magnetic building tiles that encourage creativity and foster the growth of developmental and motor skills. Each colorful tile holds so many possibilities for visionary young minds. Play can be both fun and educational with Magna-Tiles.

Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Piece Set Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Creative toy.
By Sarah from NY from on 1/24/2014
Excellent toy. Children love it and spend hours playing! Best toy I ever bought for my grandchildren.
Verified Buyer
By Alice Johnson from San Jose, Ca from on 11/30/2013
Great toy - great value cause all age kids love um! Best if you buy them at Learning Express.
Verified Buyer
Keeps kids busy!!
By A from alre30980@aol.com from on 11/14/2013
Amazing toy, kids will be busy for a while with these!
Verified Buyer
By Kelly Kasper from Shakopee, from on 11/14/2013
I run a child daycare and my kids play with the magna tiles every day. They absolutely love them. I have the clear set and bought some blinking lights to put on the inside of the magna tiles. The kids get very creative with them. I think most of my daycare kids are asking Santa for them this year!
Verified Buyer
Awesome toy!
By Wendy from Atlanta from on 3/27/2013
Awesome set! Very good assortment of colors and shapes and great quality!
Verified Buyer
By Felicia from Malibu,California from on 8/3/2012
One of the best toys ever!!
Verified Buyer
By Coffeeyak from Northeast TN from on 11/30/2011
My twins discovered magna tiles at day care and they love them. It will keep them engaged and playing for long periods of time since they can create new things over and over. They are expensive but they are one of those toys that kids will play with for years and years....so I considered them an investment. Much better to pay a lot of something they'll play with for years than a few months.
Verified Buyer
Best gift ever for wide age range.
By Leslie from Dundee from on 11/24/2011
I bought the first set for my 3 year old grandson.
His 2 older brothers (age 5 & 7) and his sister (9) played with these tiles all weekend.
They have continued to enjoy these tiles for months.
This purchase was to add to the original set.
Verified Buyer
By Nancy Reece from Pensacola, FL from on 5/12/2011
These are GREAT! I teach 3 and 4 yr old pre-k and students play with them daily. I have two smaller sets, but next school year I am going to purchase this 100 piece set!!!!
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By John Brown from on 12/24/2010
Scary price, great toy. Our 3 year old granddaughter spent a lot of Christmas morning building and innovating. We will have to see how long it lasts.
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By Anonymous from on 7/9/2010
My 4 year old twins LOVE this toy. They are playing with it yet again as I type this. The price really scared me for a while but I think there's a lot of learning potential as well as peace for me while they are playing so I bought it. :) We've only had the toy for about 5 days but so far, they've used them every day and already are making more elaborate buildings. I'm very glad I bought these.
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By Dara from on 1/10/2009
The grandchildren loved the Magna tiles. They already have a collection and this was an addition so they can build more. Fast shipping,even with a holiday in there. Wrapping was beautiful.
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By Catherine Shanahan from on 1/8/2009
My kids love magna tiles. They choose to play with them every day. I think they are great for 3 years old and up.
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By Eileen Bayer from on 11/18/2008
I have not used the product but watched other children plan with the Magna-tiles. Think they will enjoy the kits.
Verified Buyer
Review for Magna-Tiles Standard 100 Pcs Set
By Busy Mom from on 6/12/2008
This toy is great. It keeps my child and his friends playing quietly, while using their imagination. He has a ton of toys and he never bores of this one.