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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set



Bigger, brighter and lighter, this is our most inspiring set yet. The ingenuity of our translucent, colorful Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set is made up of 54 squares and 46 triangles- there are no limits when it comes to your child's imagination! Ideal for playing near windows or atop a light table, the clear design allows light to shine through and reflect on your little one's creation, bringing a whole new light to the way in which they see creative play. The lightweight, compact pieces are the perfect size for small hands and for developing motor skills. Best of all, Magna-Tiles sets are compatible with one another, meaning you can combine this already comprehensive set with any other Magna-Tiles to open up a new world of colorful creation.


  • 50  Small Squares
  • 4  Large Squares
  • 20  Equilateral Triangles
  • 11  Right Triangles
  • 15  Isosceles Triangles


From imagining marvelous buildings to creating one, Magna-Tiles specializes in creating geometric magnetic building tiles that encourage creativity and foster the growth of developmental and motor skills. Each colorful tile holds so many possibilities for visionary young minds. Play can be both fun and educational with Magna-Tiles.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Magna-Tiles Clear Colors
By Terri from Gladewater, Texas from on 3/25/2014
This is our fourth set of Magna Tiles. My boys play with these more than any other toys they own. They have played with them for years and the possibilities for new designs seem endless. We love that we can keep adding to our collection to make bigger projects!
Verified Buyer
Amazing Product
By Melonee from DeQuincy, LA from on 1/30/2014
We bought our first set of 50 for Christmas for our four year old. Five weeks later we are ordering an additional 100 tiles. He spends hours on end with these. The best money we have ever spent on his entertainment. Buying more so he can build even larger creations. He has to crash one creation before he can begin the next.

Worth every penny!
Verified Buyer
By Hillary from Rockville from on 1/19/2014
They are the best toy in the world and I can't believe I did not buy them sooner. I have a 4 year old and 6 year old. They are perfect for both ages. I have two sets. One of the sets has 120 pieces and the other one is a DX set. I wish they were less expensive because I would by 2 more sets. They are amazing for any age! It is by far the best toy on the market!
Verified Buyer
Magna Tiles and Whatshebuys
By Aaron Hasson from New York City from on 11/4/2013
I bought the magna-tiles early for a gift that has yet to be given. I understand that magna-tiles provide
children with hours of fun and creative time. I liked the fact that both gift wrapping and shipping were free. It was a delight dealing with Whatshebuys, and I will do so again.
Verified Buyer
By Lois from Dallas, TX from on 8/4/2013
An outstanding construction toy for both boys and girls, It enables all sorts of creativity. I have placed orders for this set 3 or 4 times for all of my grandchildren. The best toy ever!
Verified Buyer
Very cool toy!
By Elizabeth from Austin, TX from on 3/27/2013
Awesome toy with very bright colors and a great assortment!
Verified Buyer
Love the Magna-Tiles clear colors, I am going to order a couple more sets this week.
By Melisa Graves from Bethpage, TN. 37022 from on 2/16/2013
I got the Magna-Tiles for my two grandchildren ages 3 and 5 and they will spend hours building and rebuilding. They will add a car and make ramps with the blocks or they will add little men and make buildings for the guys to hind in. I have a 6 lb cat and she enjoys sitting and watching the boys play, so what did the boys do but build a complete box around and over top the cat - I wished I had taped it.
Verified Buyer
Excellent service.
By Lynne from Utah from on 11/5/2012
We love magna-tiles and we had a great experience with WhatSheBuys.
Verified Buyer
Greatest set for years of enjoyment.
By Janet from Peterborough, NH from on 10/29/2012
Can't tell you how much my grand daughters love their tiles. They are constantly in use for all sorts of imaginative play.
Verified Buyer
Excellent, versatile, creative toy!
By Laurie from CT from on 10/22/2012
My son loves to play with these at school so we bought a set for his birthday. He plays with them for hours and always creates something new.
Verified Buyer
By Liz from NJ from on 10/15/2012
Love these toys.. my daughter who is 4 years old creates barns, homes, and structures for her My Little Ponies. I show her shapes and have fun creating with her. Great toy!
Verified Buyer
Classroom Set at Great Price!
By Jenjuneau from Juneau, AK from on 9/25/2012
As a classroom teacher it is often a challenge to get quality materials that are also intriguing/purposeful for teaching mathematical concepts. These magna-blocks (called magnet blocks by the students) are very engaging and allow children to make structures that are not possible with standard unit blocks, which also have a very important place in our classroom. Counting, shape & size, geometry and social-emotional skill building during sharing, conversation and discussion while building are all part of our developmental centers with magnet blocks.
Verified Buyer
By Mary Anne from Huntington, NY, from on 9/18/2012
Kids and adults are engaged for hours at a time...GREAT!
Verified Buyer
Great product.
By Dawn from Montana from on 9/14/2012
We got the 100 piece set for our son's 7th birthday and he loves them. Great quality, deserves all the great reviews magna tiles always get. Very nice having so many pieces to build with.
Verified Buyer
By Marjorie from Massillon Ohio from on 9/12/2012
I have 4 Grandchildren ages 2 to 11. My 4 year old's pre-school has these blocks. I watch all the children playing with the blocks and having a great time. I had to have them for my home. They are so easy to store. The children play with them endlessly. Great learning tool for all ages.
Verified Buyer
Great Toy !
By Judy from Westminster , Md. from on 9/11/2012
I purchased a set in the spring for my one grandson and he loves it. Just reordered another set for my other grandson . Great educational toy ! Gets them from sitting in front of the TV and doing some creative thinking .
Verified Buyer
Magna Tiles from whatshebuys
By Margaret from Livonia, MI from on 9/4/2012
This is the second time I have purchased a box of magna tiles for my grandchildren. It is a wonderful product that allows for creativity and fun. It is the first time that I have dealt with whatshebuys. They not only had the best price they had super service. They kept me informed as to when the product shipped and the shipped very quickly. I would definitely deal with this company again!!
Verified Buyer
Fun and Educational
By Gennifer from New York, NY from on 8/30/2012
My 3 year old daughter loves Magna-Tiles. This is the 3rd set we have bought because her imagination runs so wild with the product that she needs more to create her cities and towers. We have had these in our home for over a year now and she has consistently played with them and I believe will continue to do so for many years to come. I worthwhile investment. I can't recommend the product enough.
Verified Buyer
Hours of creative fun!
By Emily from Alexandria, VA from on 8/28/2012
We just bought these for my daughter's 5th birthday after she had loved playing with them at friends' houses. In the last few days, she and her brother (almost 4) have literally spent hours creating imaginative pieces out of the Magna-Tiles. I have never seen my energetic little boy focus on something for such long stretches of time, and they both have come up with the neatest ideas of what to create. One of the best toys we've ever purchased! Expensive, but worth the money, and we found the best price on Whatshebuys.com.
Verified Buyer
Love the magnatiles!
By Brooklyn from AZ from on 8/27/2012
My kids love the magna tiles.
Verified Buyer
Hours of fun!
By Lisa from Gainesville, Florida from on 8/17/2012
We bought our first set of 100 Magna Tiles when our friend suggested them. At the time, our daughter was 5. She LOVES them. She and her friends can spend hours playing with them, building houses for their pets, among other things. Every kid that comes over is attracted to them. On her first day of summer camp this year she came home and said "Guess what toy they have?" ... it was Magna Tiles! I should also mention that we own more toys than any one child (or 2) should ever have. But she still comes back to the tiles. Next month she will turn 7 and we decided a 2nd set of 100 would be a true winner! I can't wait for her to open them!

I know they are expensive, but think of it as a dollar a day or factor it into the amount spent on candy, happy meals or some other throw away thing. These will be here for a while and will be played with for years!
Verified Buyer
Magnificent Magnatiles
By Grandma N from NY, NY from on 7/21/2012
This is a timeless toy. My grandsons have loved Magna-Tiles for years. We keep adding to the sets. This set of 100 is the fourth set for the 2 boys. It allows creativity. The clear colors are vivid and more visually appealing, and of course are more expensive than the solid colors.
Verified Buyer
Great for All Ages
By Corinne from Cranberry Lake, NY from on 5/19/2012
We bought our 5- and 8-year-old granddaughters each a set as birthday gifts. Before the tiles were completely unpacked, the birthday girls, a 10-year-old brother, four 40-something parents and two 70-something grandparents were all on the floor creating masterpieces. We had fun for hours and have been assured that the children continue to use the tiles frequently. The jewel-like colors are lovely and the magnets hold together superbly. A definite winner! WhatSheBuys.com has the absolute best price on these. A friend paid $120.00 for a set of 32 on another site ... ouch.
Verified Buyer
Magna Tiles are super cool!
By Lisa from MN from on 4/22/2012
We saw these at our local library and my girls loved them. I searched and found these online. Whatshesays was friendly and fast. My daughters have had many hours of fun.
Verified Buyer
Great buy!
By Marilyn from New York from on 12/8/2011
A wonderful, creative toy for kids of all ages--love the price and free shipping!