Mason Pearson Junior Boar Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush (BN2)


The Mason Pearson Junior Boar Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush (BN2) is ideal for children between the ages of 8-16 years of age. The boar bristle/nylon mix is recommended for normal to thick hair while the junior size makes it ideal for medium to long length hair, however the brush can be used on all hair types and lengths. The single spike of nylon facilitates the boar bristle getting to the hair and scalp by creating separation for the bristle to come through. The brush helps to clean hair while stimulating blood flow to the scalp for happier and healthier hair.


  • Made by Hand
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Size: 9 inches long (head length is 4 3/4 inches) and 2 3/4 inches wide


Mason Pearson, a UK based brand, has been handcrafting brushes, creating innovative technologies and establishing patented techniques since 1885. Mason Pearson has stood the test of time, staying clear of mass production and crafting every hairbrush by hand. Featuring unique rubber-cushion pads and a shape that guarantees the ultimate comfort and effective brushing, Mason Pearson continues to prove why a 130-year-old company is relevant and surpassing competitors. 

Mason Pearson Junior Boar Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush (BN2) Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Mason Pearson Junior Brush
By glen from LA, CA from on 11/18/2013
I got my junior brush yesterday & I started to use it today...This brush is awesome & it becomes my holy grail...Thanks MP for inventing this brush.
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Love it!
By Lisa from Fairbanks, Alaska from on 3/12/2013
I received the brush 2 days ago and can already tell a difference in my hair. It looks and feels softer, smoother and silkier. Wish I had discovered this brush sooner! I think spending money on high quality products like this brush is well worth it. Pros: - It is beautiful, well weighted and feels good in the hand, massages the scalp and flows through the hair smoothly, makes me want to brush my hair more often, feels gentle on the hair.
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Expensive but a great brush
By kim from , from on 2/18/2013
This gets rid of all of the tangles in your hair. I wish there were a grip on the handle though. Great product overall. Cons: - pricey
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Instyle recommended
By Jaclyn from Chicago, IL from on 12/6/2011
I bought this brush as a gift for my already has everything or else goes out and buys it for herself sister and it was the perfect splurge gift for her! She absolutely loves it and doesn't mind at all that it's not the full size version. InStyle magazine recommended this product as a great gift and they were right!
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Greatest brush on the Market
By Julia from Clarksburg,WV from on 6/22/2011
We first purchased a Mason Pearson brush in 1989 for my daughter who was in college. She is 42 and is still using it every day. Then she bought her dad one for Christmas which we are still using everyday. My nine year old granddaughter wanted one for her birthday so she wouldn't have to "hunt" one down that her two older sisters were using. They last forever. What She Buys was a wonderful and easy experience also and it arrived quickly. Pros: - It glides through the hair and the hair shines after brushing with it. It is great for children's hair as it doesn't pull and hurt them when you brush their tangles. All my granddaughters don't want to use any other brush. Cons: - Nothing
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By A M from on 2/2/2011
I bought one of these brushes in 1993 and I am just now ordering another one. It served me well and would recommend this brush to any one that has thick hair. I think 50.00 on a brush that lasted nearly 20 years and never pulled was money well spent!
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By SHARON from on 12/24/2010
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By Sally from on 12/14/2010
The best!!! I ordered a brush for my sister and got one for myself. The Rolls Royce of hair tools. You will be remembered every time she brushes her hair ( men are even more particular about their hair). I accidentally ordered the wrong color for myself and the staff at WHATSHEBUYS was WONDERFUL!!!!!
They corrected my order and it arrived very quickly.
Thank you :)
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By Jessica from on 9/9/2010
AMAZING!!! I am so excited about this brush. My husband makes fun of me saying " that looks like you brushed with a Mason Pearson" I am proud to say I did! So far it has saved product because I am washing less (since it distributes the oils away from my scalp) also styling product has decreased since the ends are in better shape there's nothing to moisturize when the brush does it for you. I consider my past the shoulders, red hair, as normal. I use a flat iron and blow dryer every other day and now with thermal protectant and this brush I'm not seeing the dry out I was. I highly reccomend the investment, you won't be disappointed
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By Anonymous from on 7/20/2010
Mason Pearson Brushes are fantastic. I just replaced the one I bought 39
years ago. It is worth the money!
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Review for Mason Pearson Junior Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush
By Bonnie S. from on 6/18/2010
I bought this brush for my daughter and she loves it. It really helps to control her frizzies and gives her hair more shine.