Mason Pearson Child's Boar Bristle Hair Brush (CB4)


The Mason Pearson Child's Boar Bristle Hair Brush (CB4) is a smaller "child's" size brush with 5 rings of boar tufts. This model was developed in response to customer demand and is recommended for children 3-10 years of age. This brush is designed to clean the hair and stimulate the scalp, increasing blood flow to the roots for happy and healthy hair.


  • Made by Hand
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Size: 6 3/4 inches long (head length is 3 1/2 inches) and 2 inches wide


Mason Pearson, a UK based brand, has been handcrafting brushes, creating innovative technologies and establishing patented techniques since 1885. Mason Pearson has stood the test of time, staying clear of mass production and crafting every hairbrush by hand. Featuring unique rubber-cushion pads and a shape that guarantees the ultimate comfort and effective brushing, Mason Pearson continues to prove why a 130-year-old company is relevant and surpassing competitors. 

Mason Pearson Child's Boar Bristle Hair Brush (CB4) Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Not just for children!
By Trish from Durham, NC from on 9/9/2013
I recently bought a Mason-Pearson "Handy" hairbrush for myself and love it. My husband (a senior) has fine hair which is thinning with age. I thought perhaps the child's brush would be more comfortable for him, so I ordered him a blue one. He loves it, and much prefers it over our larger boar bristle brush. He likes the blue color as it's easy to find in the drawer of hair styling tools. The bristles seem to feel just as stiff as the "Handy" brush, so just for comparison, I tried this brush on my fairly coarse, medium-short hair and found the brush too "lightweight" for my hair. Pros: - Gives a good, stiff brush-through without tugging fine hair or scrapping your scalp. Seems to reduce static electricity and hair is less fly-away than with our old drug-store brush.
Verified Buyer
great brush for my new grandbaby
By Catherine from Scottsdale Az from on 6/8/2013
Awesome as always!
Verified Buyer
Child's hairbrush
By Barbara Pakula from Jacksonville , FL from on 5/1/2013
It was exactly what it was supposed to be. The only thing that was different about it since i bought one for this child's mother was the price.It costs a lot more than it did 30 some-odd years ago.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Child's Bristle Hair Brush
By Nikki from on 5/12/2010
I've wanted this brush for a couple of years. I finally broke down and purchased it. And I'm so happy I did. It's awesome! Yes, the price is crazy, but it's definitely worth it. I bought the brush for myself as I have thin, short-medium hair that's very fragile. It's simply the best brush I've ever used. It leaves my hair looking shiny and makes my scalp feel great. I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase. In fact, I'm thinking about buying the adult sized Sensitive brush.

And kudos to Whatshebuys! I ordered this on a Monday evening and received it on Thursday afternoon. And I'm on the East Coast!
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Child's Bristle Hair Brush
By Melody Driscoll from on 12/2/2008
Excellent service/ perfect hairbrush. They last a lifetime and are a must for shining hair. I have had them since I was a kid and now my children can have one too. This is a perfect brush for children. I recieved my brush in one day. Thank you !