Mason Pearson Sensitive Military Boar Bristle Hair Brush (SB2M)



The Mason Pearson Sensitive Military Boar Bristle Hair Brush (SB2M) is a military styled brush that many prefer for short hair, although it can be used for all lengths. The soft boar bristles are ideal for very fine to thinning hair. This military style has no handle.


  • Made by Hand
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Comes with small cleaning brush.
  • Size: 5 inches long and 3 1/4 inches wide with 7 rings of pure boar tufts
  • Quantity: One hair brush.


Mason Pearson, a UK based brand, has been handcrafting brushes, creating innovative technologies and establishing patented techniques since 1885. Mason Pearson has stood the test of time, staying clear of mass production and crafting every hairbrush by hand. Featuring unique rubber-cushion pads and a shape that guarantees the ultimate comfort and effective brushing, Mason Pearson continues to prove why a 130-year-old company is relevant and surpassing competitors. 

Mason Pearson Sensitive Military Boar Bristle Hair Brush (SB2M) Reviews

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Review for Mason Pearson Sensitive MILITARY Bristle Hair Brush.
By S. Main from on 7/25/2009
I bought a Mason Pearson Brush and loved it so much that I bought this one for my husband. The first time he used it, he fell in love, this is a guy who thought brushes were things for ladies. Now he cannot wait for the great feeling his scalp gets each morning when he uses his brush.