Mason Pearson Authorized Retailer

Unfortunately, there are companies who sell fakes, defectives or who are not authorized to sell the Mason Pearson brand in the U.S. They may obtain the goods from diverters or other illegitimate means.

If you buy from a retailer who is not authorized to sell Mason Pearson, you are taking a risk and Mason Pearson will not support the product or its warranty.

Tips to confirm you are buying genuine product from an authorized retailer:

  1. Pricing: Mason Pearson has minimum advertised pricing policies that prohibit authorized retailers from discounting. If the price seems to good to be true, it is.
  3. Contact: Call Mason Pearson at 1-800-645-6503 to confirm that you are dealing with an authorized retailer.
  5. Shipping Location: Mason Pearson does not authorize foreign companies to ship to U.S. consumers.
  7. Single Brand Store: If the retailer only sells this brand, it is likely selling fakes, is not an authorized retailer, or at the least is not a substantial company.
  9. Authorized eTailer Logo: Mason Pearson Mason Pearson has issued unique eTailer logos to authorized retailers of Mason Pearson.