Mavala Mini Nail Polish


The Mavala Mini Nail Polish is small for a genius reason; nail polish, regardless of the quality, tends to dry out quickly when the bottle is frequently opened. The Mavala "mini's" have been designed to avoid wasting nearly half a bottle on thick, dry polish. The small size also makes it easy to tote around for fixing a chip on the go.

How to use: Apply two thin coats to the nail after using Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat and finish with Mavala Colorfix Top Coat for best reults.

Note: All the Mavala polishes contain 2 small mixing balls, in order to efficiently shake the bottle before use to restore its appropriate consistency and dazzling color.


  • Made in Switzerland by Mavala
  • Quantity: One .17 oz. bottle
    Mavala Nail Polish does not contain:
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Collophane
  • Parabens
  • Camphor
  • Animal ingredients
  • Heavy metals


Developed within its own laboratories in Switzerland, Mavala has become a global leader in the beauty industry. From head to toe— Its wide range of products combine “treatment” with “beauty” to deliver quality nail, hand, eye, lip, face and foot care products. Mavala’s team of scientists work hard to create unique formulas that exceed quality and purity standards.

Mavala Mini Nail Polish Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Best place to find Mavala
By Cheri from Bay Area California from on 2/15/2015
Excellent hard to find item.I was only disappointed in the fact you were out of the other Mavala products I use....Colorfix and Mavadry.I would have placed a larger order..I use Mavala lipstick also. Pros: - The color and long lasting quality Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Best Nail polish I have ever had!
By Linda from Montana from on 1/11/2015
I learned about this polish from a young Parisian women who gave me Bordeaux to try. It stays on with the most luscious shine and great flexibility. Pros: - Colors are clear and shiny, stay on and wear well. Cons: - I wish you had the full range of Mavala colors as I could not find one that she had shown me from Paris.
Verified Buyer
Love the polishes!
By Linda from Naples, FL from on 12/31/2014
The polish always goes on so easy and smooth. This is the second color I have purchased and have been ver happy with them. Sometimes choosing a color on line can be a surprise when it arrives. Pros: - The easy application. Cons: - Wish there was just a bit more in the bottle.
Verified Buyer
Nail polish
By Debbie from Houston from on 12/13/2014
I do like Mavala nail polish in these little bottles. The polish really stays on longer. It is hard for me to really see the color that I order on those little swatches. But I've liked every color that I've ordered.
Verified Buyer
Excellent Product
By Caroline from Naples, fl from on 10/23/2014
I have used this product for years. They have fabulous colours, I use Adelaid and I get asked a lot about the colour. It stays put a long time without chipping. I buy it in the small size, iseveral at a time. It is easier to handle and does not thicken. Hard to find in stores in US I get it on line with no handling and shipping charges from Whatshebuys, great website. Pros: - Great colours and resistant to chipping. Cons: - Nothing.
Verified Buyer
Mavala Nail Polish
By Thelena from Little Rock, AR from on 7/8/2014
I love, love, love Mavala nail polish and was so happy to find somewhere that sells it. I recommend trying this polish. The small quantities mean that you'll never have unused nail polish sitting around. Pros: - Beautiful, intense colors that are easy to apply. Cons: - Not as long lasting as some other high end polishes - but still a quality product!
Verified Buyer
Love this polish!
By Val from Atlanta from on 5/2/2014
I bought the color Paris (a great red) on our last trip to Paris, mostly as a souvenir. I was totally surprised to find that this is the best polish ever! it is so durable, never chips and the colors are lovely. I was so glad to find it on your website. Pros: - Durability and smooth, hard finish Cons: - Absolutely nothing
Verified Buyer
love it
By kathryn from , from on 4/23/2014
love it Pros: - everything
Verified Buyer
Good quality
By Nancy from Houston , Texas from on 2/17/2014
This is the first time I have used the Mavala polish. I am very happy with the quality of the other Mavala products. The Polish seems to be very good, as well . Pros: - Small bottles are great for travel & - keep from wasting so much product when half the bigger bottles dry out Cons: - Hard to pick colors accurately from the website
Verified Buyer
My favorite Nail polish
By Linda from Anchorage from on 2/16/2014
So happy to be able to get my favorite polish online! And to have so many colors to try. Pros: - love the way this polish goes on and how quickly it dries. The small bottles are portable and less likely to thicken and dry than large bottles of polish. I also love the huge variety of colors and finishes. Cons: - The big downside is price. However, free shipping from WhatSheBuys helps a lot.
Verified Buyer
Best Polish I have ever used.
By Bobbie from S.F. Bay Area from on 9/16/2013
Bought the base and top coat in Tahiti because I had forgotten mine. Was amazed my polish lasted for almost 10 days on my cruise just using the base and top coat over a different polish. Really took note and recently started to look for it since my small bottles are now getting low. Love the small bottles, polish doesn't get wasted and they are wonderful for travel. Got the Osaka 6 color that looks very natural. Pros: - good quality and small bottles Cons: - Hard to tell the true colors on the chart because it is how your computer is setup that determines the colors.
Verified Buyer
Nice product, great customer service
By xxx from Boston, MA from on 4/23/2013
The nail polish is very nice. I love how colors are true to shown on website, because searching for swatches online might be hard to to differently looking colors in different photos (usually, in other stores colors shown online differ from reality).

The package arrives quickly.
Verified Buyer
Mavala Nail Products
By Joanna from Boston from on 4/16/2013
I discovered these nail polishes in NYC some years ago and got hooked but was unable to find them when I moved away. WHATSHEBUYS has made it possible for me to indulge myself once again. Pros: - The nail polish is easy to apply, it lasts and there is a vast array of colors. I also like their base and top coats better than other products out there. Cons: - I wish they made the polishes in larger bottles.
Verified Buyer
Love the pearl colors
By Carol Olson from Arizona from on 3/14/2013
Purchased #14 St Tropez.Love the pearl color. Just came back to purchase two more colors. Also got top cote and base cote. Love this mini polish! Pros: - pearl color, price, free shipping Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
spring pastels that give Nature a run for her money!
By SarahLynn from Winston-Salem, North Carolina from on 3/8/2013
my aunt brought me back two small bottles from her trip to Paris recently. I've got 181 and 183 (Blue Mint and Pistachio, respectively) The nail color cream is smooth and lovely! any little blemishes I'd experience with other brands are smoothed away with Mavala. I don't get brush marks, or bubbles, or ANYTHING less than perfect application. my nails look like candy coated treats! the colors dry quickly and evenly, even though I'm prone to applying thick coats. I've never had a polish that I like more than these. Pros: - smooth application
pretty colors
cute bottles
even coats
no brush-stroke marks
fast drying time
Verified Buyer
Best kept secret for long lasting nail polish
By Joanne from Chicago, IL from on 1/17/2013
I've tried many nail polish brands and always come back to Mavala. I am hard on my hands & - nails and this polish stands up to the abuse. The polish is more chip resistant than any other product and the color stays fresh looking longer. Pros: - Chip resistant & - color doesn't fade
Verified Buyer
Perfect Size and Product
By Micki from Newark, Delaware from on 12/20/2012
This is the first time I've tried Mavala's polishes. I ordered #91 which is a nice nude, and #90, a pinkish nude. Each only took 2 coats using Mavala's Barrier Base, and I got a full week with no chipping. Two weeks is fabulous for me as I'm on a keyboard a lot, and made it through serious pot scrubbing! Pros: - Love the size! I've never used up a full size bottle so this is perfect.
Verified Buyer
Perfect for fall!
By Simone from Aberdeen, Idaho from on 9/3/2012
This polish is rich and vibrant without being vulgar. Gorgeous color, great application, and has "fall foliage" written all over it. Definitely will buy again.
Verified Buyer
By Linda from Houston TX from on 8/30/2012
I have used this line of products for over 20 years and they are the BEST for your nails and skin!!
Verified Buyer
No formaldehyde, sure?
By Gaia from Florence, Italy from on 8/9/2012
I love Mavala nail polish and have been using it since many years.
But it's almost impossible to find their INCI.. So one cn't really be sure it's a safe product.
You say it doesn't contain formaldehyde. Why is tosylamide/formaldehyde resin mentioned among the components then??
Verified Buyer
Mini Polish...Whoo-Hoo can go on planes
By Syl from San Clemente, CA from on 4/20/2012
I like the size of the Mavala mini polishes......I also like the fact I can safely use the product on my thin/fragile nails, versus other polishes..who shall remain nameless..but you know who they are. Pros: - See above statement Cons: - Difficult to discern colors on What She Buys website...
Verified Buyer
Love this nail polish
By Samantha Morar from Johannesburg, South Africa from on 3/17/2012
Ive always seen this product and brand and until today, I've never tried it, bought it and I'm awe struck that it's soooo fab! Will def buy it again, love the color choice and bottle! It glides on and looks great. Pros: - Color choice, texture and shine
Verified Buyer
Mavala Mini Nail Polish
By Steph. from Connecticut from on 3/4/2012
Bought this polish in Europe when I was in need of something that could be thrown out if I wasn't allowed to take it on the plane. There was no problem and it came home with me. since then I have used no other. It is the best polish that I have ever used! It is practical(size) and lasts much longer than most brands I have used before.
Verified Buyer
By Sharon from canada from on 2/8/2012
This is the only nail polish I can wear. OPI and Essie cause me to break out in hives. I was shocked and thrilled to find a product that goes on so well, lasts and does not cause me break out in hives. Pros: - Great colour selection as well.
Verified Buyer
Quality Product
By Carolyn from Denver, CO from on 1/26/2012
I decided to give this polish a good test. I used a base coat and only one coat of polish on my nails. I'm an active person and my hands get plenty of washing. This polish lasted a full week without chipping or peeling. I am impressed with the wearability and I love the choice of colors. Will definitely buy again.