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Mavala Lipstick


Mavala Lipstick has a specially formulated combination of ingredients that when combined, create a lipstick and treatment in one tube. The lipstick contains Prolip Complex, which smooths, calms, and regenerates the lips. Plus it moiturizes the lip to improve suppleness, has a smooth texture, and a long-lasting, satiny, shine.

How to Use: Apply lipstick to the upper lip, then onto the lower lip, starting from the center of the mouth to the outside by placing the beveled part of the stick against the lips. For a neat and precise application, you can use a lip brush. For perfect application, we recommend using Mavala Lip Base to protect and moisturize lips prior to application. Lip Base also prevents the lipstick from smudging, feathering, or creasing. Trace lips with a complenting lip liner and then apply Mavala Lipstick. Dab excess lipstick off with a tissue and set with lightly applied powder.


  • Contains natural and botanical ingredients
  • Helps prevent signs of aging
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Made by Mavala in Switzerland
  • Quantity: 1 tube of Mavala Lipstick


Developed within its own laboratories in Switzerland, Mavala has become a global leader in the beauty industry. From head to toe— Its wide range of products combine “treatment” with “beauty” to deliver quality nail, hand, eye, lip, face and foot care products. Mavala’s team of scientists work hard to create unique formulas that exceed quality and purity standards.

Mavala Lipstick Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Seems good so far
By Nancy from Houston, TX from on 2/25/2015
This is my first time ordering the lipstick & - I ordered several colors. I have used the Mavala nail products before & - loved them so I took a chance on the lipstick. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I am not disappointed. The colors are highly pigmented. I found that I don't need to use a lip balm underneath the lipstick because it is very creamy & - doesn't dry my lips out like other lipsticks. That makes me very happy because when I use a lip balm first it " - dilutes" - the color makes the lipstick not last very long on your lips. i have been looking for years to find the perfect red lipstick that is not too dark for my light complexin in a formula that I like & - SURPRISE!--Mavala has several red colors that I like! I love the neutral brown colors, too. I originally ordered several colors with the idea of returning the ones that I didn't like but have decided to keep them & - put a neutral & - a red in my makeup drawer as well as the two purses I use most. That way, i don't have to be switching lipsticks constantly from purse to purse. Although my experience with this product is limited, I wouldn't hesitate to order again. Pros: - The creaminess
The high pigmentation
Verified Buyer
Very vibrant color
By cheri from Bay Area California from on 1/17/2015
I have been using Mavala Abricot lipstick for years.The color is very vibrant and happy.I am asked all the time what I am wearing and where to get it.It is not sold in this area even where they have Mavala nail products so I am thrilled to find WHATSHEBUYS and for the free shipping...Have referred many people to this company.Will order the nail polish next. Pros: - Radiant orang-y red.Very flattering Cons: - Nothing to dislike except I could not find anyone who sold it for a long time.
Verified Buyer
Gorgeous lipstick!
By Paula C from Boston, MA from on 1/24/2014
Goes on silky and sheer, the color is exactly the shade I was hoping for - my favorite. Adds gloss, color, and moisture - looks vibrant and natural. Perfect for every day. every occasion - I love it.
Verified Buyer
Love Mavala!
By Nicole from Ellicott City, MD from on 10/5/2013
I've been searching for a color of Mavala lipstick that works for me and I've finally found it. The reason why I searched and searched is because the formula is better than any lipstick out there. It moisturizes and improves your lips condition, but also stays true and wears beautifully. I absolutely love the Mavala product line and love that WhatSheBuys carries it - thank you! Pros: - Color stays true
Verified Buyer
Mavala lipstick
By Linda from Wisconsin from on 4/30/2013
I love the creaminess of this lipstick and What She Buys is VERY prompt in mailing! Thank you! Pros: - creaminess, color selection
Verified Buyer
By Blackthorme from San Antonio, TX from on 3/20/2013
This is a fantastic lipstick - it is creamy, moisturizing and is smooth and pigment-rich. It's staying power is a bit better than average. The only issue I have is that the online color swatches do not actually match the lipstick. I truly wish Mavala would make lipstick samples available, even if I had to pay a dollar or so for them. Pros: - Creamy
Good pigment
Lasts @ 4 hours Cons: - Can't get a definite idea of color - waste a lot of money trying to get the right shade. If there was a way to make this lipstick last longer without drying out the lips, that would be a definite plus.
Verified Buyer
Mavala Lipstick in Dahlia #24
By Louise Bergman from Pass Christian MS from on 2/4/2013
I adore my first Mavala Lipstick in Dahlia #24. Goes on smoothly and has the perfect amount of colour and sheen. I would describe the colour as rose with a hit of mauve. Seems to have no fragrance and does not dry out your lips. I will definitely order again and possibly try another colour. Pros: - Everything even the price. Cons: - Absolutey nothing.
Verified Buyer
Mavala Lipstick
By Janet from Redmond, Wa. from on 11/12/2012
I really like the lipstick color and silky feeling. Only disappointment is that it does not stay on well. Pros: - Good color and feel. Cons: - Wears off very easily.
Verified Buyer
Color Chart Misleading
By Melinda Heller from Seattle, Washington from on 10/25/2012
I purchased Lilas. The feel and smoothness of this product is wonderful, creamy and pleasant. However, Lilas is sooooo pale. Reminds me of bouffant hair and the style of the sixties. I would purchase a deeper tone, but the color chart is not reliable. Pros: - Creamy and opaque. Comfortable and moist. No sparkles. Cons: - Color chart not reliable, unable to discern a similar, but more intense tone. Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
Creamy lipstick
By Linda from St. Louis, MO from on 5/22/2012
I had bought my first tube of Mavala while traveling in Italy 3 years ago because I had forgotten my usual brand at home. I was happy to use it during the trip, and the "Muscade" is a good color for me since I am a redhead. Upon returning to the States, I used it infrequently until I recently noted that it was running out. But then I realized that it had remained as moist and creamy as when I had originally purchased it a full three years ago (unlike other brands which I had foolishly stocked up on when on sale!). So I felt compelled to buy more Mavala. But my risk-taking with other colors wasn't such a good idea, since I wasn't totally happy with them. I will stick with the "Muscade" from now on! Pros: - creaminess Cons: - certain other colors
Verified Buyer
Simply Superb!
By NU from USA from on 1/12/2012
This is the very best lipstick on the market today and the price point is fabulous too. Pros: - Great texture. Beautiful color. Non-drying.
Very good price.
Verified Buyer
Mavala Lipstick
By Peggy from Verona, N. J. from on 4/26/2011
I love this item and have been ordering it for years Pros: - It goes on smooth and stays on and it doesn't have a strange taste like alot of lipsticks do. Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
Great lipstick at a very nice price !
By Jane from Palm Coast , Florida from on 4/9/2011
This is a creamy , long lasting , beautiful lipstick.
Verified Buyer
Love the Magnolia
By Holly from York, PA from on 4/6/2011
I purchased the magnolia shade for the second time and I am so pleased. The shade is not as it appears on the shade chart, when applied it is a lovely light neutral with a hint of pink. Like your lips only better. Very moisturizing Pros: - Moisturizing
Great shade (Magnolia)
Verified Buyer
A Wonderful Moist Lipstick
By JoAnna from Dallas, TX from on 4/3/2011
Mavala is a soft and luscious, moist and smooth lipstick to wear. I've tried many of the designer lipsticks over the years, paying almost twice the cost of Mavala, and I was left with dry, cracked lips. I received it as a gift while in Australia and now I cannot find the lovely color I would like to have again. Can anyone help me? It's 195 Alaska. Pros: - Everything.... Cons: - I cannot find the color I like!
Verified Buyer
Good Product
By Carolyn from Denver, CO from on 3/30/2011
I really like the moisturizing effect of this lipstick. No problem with the color palette --- I used a tube of lipstick I already own to compare with the swatches on the website and got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be buying Mavala Lipstick again. As always, the service at WhatSheBuys was outstanding. Pros: - Keeps my lips moist and soft. Cons: - Nothing.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By Doreen T. from on 9/4/2010
I wound up returning the Mavala lipstick (Papeye shade) as I did not like shade
or texture of this lipstick. Unfortunately it is not for me.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By Susan Soos from on 8/3/2010
I agree with previous review, color chart needs to be clearer or updated as product does not match color ordered. I will try to exchange.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By Susan D from on 11/18/2009
I love this product but I would ask that the form of the color chart be changed. The color I ordered wasn't true to the chart, I still like it though, just not as much.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By sheila españa from on 2/20/2009
es la mejor barra de labios que he probado Soy adicta y me encanta
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By Kara from NC from on 10/31/2008
I originally bought this lipstick over a year ago and I'm addicted. There is such a great variety of colors. The moisture in this lipstick is unsurpassed!
Verified Buyer
Review for Mavala Lipstick
By Roz New York from on 6/20/2008
I bought this product in Papaye at a local high end pharmacy and absolutely loved its creamy and moisturing feel, and its vibrant color

Bravo, Mavala!