Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush (N3)


The Mason Pearson Detangler All Nylon Hair Brush (N3) is a "handy" size with 5 rings of nylon tufts. Use it to detangle your hair after washing regardless of your hair type and length. It can also be used to distribute conditioner throughout your hair, as long as the brush is rinsed after.


  • Made by Hand
  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Comes with small cleaning brush.
  • Quantity: One hair brush.
  • Size: 7 1/2 inches long (head length is 4 inches) and 2 1/2 inches wide.


Mason Pearson, a UK based brand, has been handcrafting brushes, creating innovative technologies and establishing patented techniques since 1885. Mason Pearson has stood the test of time, staying clear of mass production and crafting every hairbrush by hand. Featuring unique rubber-cushion pads and a shape that guarantees the ultimate comfort and effective brushing, Mason Pearson continues to prove why a 130-year-old company is relevant and surpassing competitors. 

Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush (N3) Reviews

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Verified Buyer
The perfect brush for me
By Elizabeth from CA from on 7/13/2013
I recommend this brush for ladies with thick hair or long hair. This brush gets all the way to your scalp and easily detangles without pulling or stretching out hair. The brush cleaner you get along with it works very good too. Love that I can have the color options for the handle and that the brush is very lightweight.
Didn't think that this brush could detangle my waist long hair so easily but it did, it cut down my detangling time to half:) very happy with my purchase and with whatshebuys.
Verified Buyer
what a brush
By myrna from georgia from on 12/11/2011
expansive, yes, but does a great job, smooths the hair and makes it shine. a worth while investment. Pros: - sturdy, smooths hair , makes it shine
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush
By Anonymous from on 3/27/2010
I love the detangler brush! I have very thick long hair that tangles when I wash it and I usually need leave in conditioner just to brush it out! With the detangler brush, I can brush through my hair with no problem after I wash my hair!
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush
By Blair from on 8/17/2009
I have long thick and curly hair so detangleing after a shower has always been a long battle. But this brush really does glide through my hair making simple and painless and I only have to brush once- no more of my hair getting retangled in moments. Also, after only a month, I can feel my hair getting healthier, smoother and shinier! Highly highly recommend!
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush
By Maria K from on 5/27/2009
This is the BEST Detangling brush in the world. Because of the nylon bristles the brush glides through my hair instead of pulling and tearing at it. I recommend this for everyone.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon Hair Brush
By Heidi McDonald from on 8/11/2008
I have a child with naturally curly hair, and this brush is amazing. No more crying and complaining, she even brushes it herself!