Mason Pearson Detangling Comb



The Mason Pearson Detangling Comb is handmade in Switzerland. Use this comb to detangle your hair before using your Mason Pearson brush.

Mason Pearson combs are made from an acrylic resin called zyle. The zyle used in Mason Pearson combs comes from Mazzucchelli, the premiere manufacturer in Europe located in Italy. The reason for using such an expensive material is the ability to polish it to a smooth finish. Other combs, which are made from less expensive materials, cannot be polished down to a completely smooth surface. So, using a less expensive comb can damage the hair, because the surface of the teeth have barbs that can catch and pull the hair strand causing split ends and breakage.


  • Each tooth is highly polished to eliminate any rough edges.
  • Ends of the teeth are rounded.
  • Handmade in Switzerland.
  • Made to the same exacting standards to which their brushes are produced.
  • Size: 8" x 1.75"


Mason Pearson, a UK based brand, has been handcrafting brushes, creating innovative technologies and establishing patented techniques since 1885. Mason Pearson has stood the test of time, staying clear of mass production and crafting every hairbrush by hand. Featuring unique rubber-cushion pads and a shape that guarantees the ultimate comfort and effective brushing, Mason Pearson continues to prove why a 130-year-old company is relevant and surpassing competitors. 

Mason Pearson Detangling Comb Reviews

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Verified Buyer
By Ellen Oens from Spokane WA from on 1/15/2013
Wonderful comb, very smooth on scalp .
Verified Buyer
By Luna from Rockville, Maryland from on 7/31/2012
Excellent comb. I just wish I had bought the rake style comb instead. I think it would have been better for my long hair. But overall is a great product. Very well made.
Verified Buyer
Cadillac Of Combs
By Brandi from Kansas from on 8/2/2011
I am going to be honest I was a little apprehensive about spending so much on a comb. After using it for a week I believe it is one of the best investments that I ever made for my hair. It glides effortlessly through my delicate fine hair. This comb is definitely worth every penny!!
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
By Nicole from on 10/8/2010
I love this comb!!!! Unlike other combs, it passes smoothly through the hair, eliminating breakage. I use this daily instead of a hair brush :)
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
By Nikki from on 6/6/2010
An excellent comb! Completely seamless.
Verified Buyer
Review for Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
By Cindy from on 6/27/2009