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PhytoSpecific Deep Repairing Cream Bath




This incredibly rich cream is a blend of multi-regenerating ingredients that work to replenish and renew, while providing continuous hydration and preserving suppleness. The PhytoSpecific Deep Repairing Cream Bath is PhytoSpecific's number one seller for a reason. It hydrates, smoothes and revitalizes dry and brittle hair fibers, leaving your hair radiantly beautiful.

A unique blend of plant oils and Shea Butter, this conditioning cream bath, pleasant to use with its rich texture and delicate fragrance, meets the needs of sensitized hair that has been made porous through chemical treatments or damaged by excessive styling.

Its antistatic properties offer an incredible detangling tool. From the very first use your hair will regain unrivaled radiance and softness while becoming smoother, more elastic and shinier.

Directions For Use: After shampooing on towel-dry hair, apply evenly on length and ends. For better distribution, use a wide-tooth comb. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. *** For an intense treatment: cover hair with aluminum foil or a plastic cap. Apply moderate heat or for optimal results use steam. Leave up to 30 minutes. Rinse.


  • Quantity: One 6.75 fl oz jar
    Recommended For:
  • Damaged and brittle hair due to excessive mechanical and thermical manipulation
  • Successive physical stress from improper locking, twisting, braiding, or hair weaving techniques
  • Incorrect application of perms or relaxers
  • Fragile hair that lacks its natural protection

    Active Ingredients & Related Actions:
  • Shea Butter - Nourishing and Hydrating
  • Sesame and Jojoba Oils - Nourishing and Hydrating
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin - Repairing and Revitalizing
  • Castor Oil - Emollient
  • Rapeseed Oil Derivative - Detangling
  • Tocopherol & Panthenol - Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidizing & Hydrating
  • Wood Cellulose Derivative - Detangling


Created in 1969 by Patrick Ales, PHYTO has been offering plant-based haircare solutions for over 50 years. PHYTO fuses cutting-edge scientific advancements with plant extracts and essential oils to deliver salon quality products that are more than 95% botanical. With a range of products to treat everything from dry hair or scalp to damaged and color-treated hair, the company embraces the notion that healthy hair begins at the root. PHYTO remains unmatched in the haircare industry and has become synonymous with performance, expertise, and classic beauty.

PhytoSpecific Deep Repairing Cream Bath Reviews

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Verified Buyer
It works
By Pamela from pamela0702@outlook.com from on 4/14/2014
My stylist saysbit does a good job strengthening and softening my hair. I noticed the change in my hair texture because this product has made my hair easy ti manage.How Pros: - HOW the product condition my hair. Cons: - Too little of the product for the price.
Verified Buyer
Rapid Repair
By Samantha from Durham, NC from on 12/11/2011
My hair was suffering from medication I was on to treat a chronic disease and from the stress of just having a chronic disease. My hair is very soft with tight curls with no chemicals (not even hair color). It doesn't tangle much but I don't like to pull it excessively for any reason bc it is so soft. I love this product bc it provides nourishment and restored my hair to it's original strong soft curl pattern after just 2 or three uses. The breakage, dryness, dullness, and limpness is gone! I'm still on the same medication and the only side effect I had was the change in my hair - this product changed ALL side effects I mentioned above. My hair is long and thicker than it's ever been (even before I got sick). My friends & fam noticed the difference too-they've commented how heathly my hair looks & feels. I've let my hair rest w very little heat and deep conditioning with this product every 2 weeks keeping it in my hair for at least 45 minutes up to 2 hours). Pros: - Pleasant scent, it's thick but not messy or sticky, easy to washout, nurishes scalp and entire hair strand, softens hair to make detangling a breeze Cons: - Wish I could by it in bulk-either offer bigger container or option to buy more than one container together and a discount is offered ( more you buy bigger discount you get).
Verified Buyer
The best!!!
By Rida from michigan from on 5/19/2011
I love this conditioner so much! I dont think I've evr had anything work as well in my hair. My hais is so shiny afterwards even before i style or blow dry. I make sure my hands are wet because it helps to emulsify the product and it stretchs how much you need to use quite a bit. The smell is not all that great but after you rinse it smells great. hair is soft and beautiful and so easy to style afterwards too. My hair has never been soft immediatley after blow drying before. I love it! It's worth the money I'm happy to say, but I'd still like more product for the price. Pros: - makes hair smooth
makes hair shiny
distributes well with water and rinses clean
dont need heat for penetration Cons: - price
Verified Buyer
Review for PhytoSpecific Vital Force Cream Bath
By Product Junkie from on 12/22/2009
This is one of the best conditioners ever!!! I know its on the pricey side but it sure was worth buying. I'm tranisitioning my hair to natural state and this conditioner is good for both detangling and softening my hair. I love this product!!!
Verified Buyer
Review for PhytoSpecific Vital Force Cream Bath
By Shopping Diva from on 3/9/2008
I have been using the Phyto & Phytospecific products for over a year and it's been great for my hair. I recently went to wearing my naturally curly hair for 2 weeks and it seems like after doing so, it lost some of it's life when I went back to straight. Well, I pulled out my Creme Bath, left it on under a plastic cap, took a shower for the steam and then washed it out... & my hair is back to normal instantly! No exaggeration! It's so noticeable that I have friends wanting to know what all I use. These products really does what it says and it's so exciting to see!
Verified Buyer
Review for PhytoSpecific Vital Force Cream Bath
By Salon Diva from on 10/22/2007
The best you will ever use for hair nourishment!