Podee Tube & Nipple Replacement



The Podee Tube & Nipple Replacement contains what you need to make your Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle like new. It is important to replace tubes and nipples frequently as needed to prevent attracting bacteria.

Included: Two regular silicon nipples, four 6 1/2 inch plastic tubes and four 11 1/2 inch plastic tubes.

Cleaning: Before each use wash all parts with soap and water. Rinse tubes with warm water. All parts (except for tubes) may be sterilized in boiling water for one minute. Use tube cleaning brush (not included) to clean tubes. Dishwasher and steamer safe.

Podee Tube & Nipple Replacement Reviews

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The Best nipple system ever!
By tina from Denver from on 1/11/2012
My son wouldn't hold his own bottle, and this system really help us!! the best