Price Guarantee

WhatSheBuys will match any advertised price from any authorized retailer of genuine products from the brands we offer.

  • The retailer must have the exact style, color and size in stock.
  • The advertised price must include free shipping and return privileges.
  • The retailer must be listed as an authorized retailer on the manufacturer's website.
  • Please note that we will not match prices with retailers of fake product. For UGG, any retailer that has UGG as part of its url (other than is not an authorized retailer and is selling fake UGG product (examples are,, etc).
  • Price Match may not be used in combination with any other promotion or coupon code.
  • Also, we will not match prices from retailers who are liquidating their inventory.
This guarantee is not retroactive to prior purchases and the price match must be obtained prior to purchase.