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Rablabs Lumino Coasters (Set of 4) - Silver

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Stunning and one-of-a-kind Lumino Coasters from Rablabs add a gorgeous pop of shine and color to any table and will instantly elevate your next dinner party. These exquisite and beautiful coasters are gilded with silver and feature unique and eye-catching agate stones. Like the stones they feature, no two Rablabs Lumino Coasters are exactly the same. These beautiful coasters perfectly combine natural aesthetics with contemporary luxury and make an excellent gift.


Fusing natural designs with modern-day indoor décor is Rablabs way of saying “we’re unique”. Timeless, luxurious masterpieces include layered gems encrusted with 24k gold or sterling silver to give both modern and vintage homes an earthy, ergonomic look. Rablabs' move towards more ergonomic tones came about when world-renowned lead designer Anna Rabinowicz joined their team in 2002, bringing with her a fresh look at the in-door decor market. Anna, from a young age, had a keen sense of nature and had always felt that it was her calling to fuse “mother nature’s” ergonomic designs with today’s décor.

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