Robeez Sizing

Robeez Sizing Guide

With children's footwear, size matters, a lot. Measure carefully and accurately when selecting a size by:

  • when possible, stand child up to measure

  • allow 1/2 - 1 cm (1/4" - 1/2") extra when selecting shoe size

  • measure often

Robeez Original Soft Sole SizesUS SizeSole Length (inches)
0-6 mos1 - 3 1/24 5/8"
6-12 mos4 - 55 1/8"
12-18 mos5 1/2 - 6 1/25 5/8"
18-24 mos7 - 86 1/8"
2-3 years8 1/2 - 106 5/8"
3-4 years10 1/2 - 11 1/27 1/8"

Are Robeez designs available in all sizes? 
A selection of designs are available in every size. However, over the years we have found that certain designs are more popular with particular age groups.

How quickly do children's feet grow?
Children's feet grow very fast so remember to check your baby's feet often. It is important to allow at least one finger's width from the end of the longest toe to the tip of the shoe or 1/4" to 1/2" (1/2 - 1 cm) extra when selecting footwear size. If your child wears socks inside Robeez shoes or booties, you may want to allow extra room.

How can I find out what size my Robeez booties are?
The size is indicated on the Robeez label inside the top of each bootie.

Do the booties fit the same as the soft soled shoes?
Yes, the booties sizing is the same as the soft soled shoes.

How do you know which original shoe or bootie is the left or right shoe?
The Robeez label is only on the right shoe and bootie.

How do you put Robeez original footwear on?
The easiest way is to insert two fingers on either side of the ankle and stretch the elastic wide. Then scoop your baby's toes into the front of the footwear and hook the back of the footwear around the ankle.

Do you make adult sizes or larger children sizes?
At this time, we do not make adult sizes and only make shoes for children up to four years