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Royal-Pedic Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress and Box Spring Set


The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress is Royal Pedic's softest available, yet still provides support due to the firmer lumbar zone preventing the spine from sagging. Your body will thank you for choosing one of Royal Pedic's 7-Zone natural latex mattresses, which combine shoulder and hip flexibility with correct support for the lower back. This 7-Zone natural latex mattress is Royal Pedic's plusher latex version. The surface of the mattress is quilted, rather than tufted - so the latex is in a more relaxed state. On a firmness rating of 1 to 5, this mattress has a firmness rating of 4.

This mattress is also Royal Pedic's best recommendation for a platform bed because it still contours well to the body on a hard surface. Royal Pedic's optional Pillowtop Pads provide extra cushioning for the most cushy and cozy feel possible. Mattress thickness is 9" 9 1/2". The overall height from the top of the mattress to the floor on Royal Pedic's 8" box spring and 7 1/4" frame is about 23".

The mattress features Royal Pedic's 7-Zone natural latex core, which was designed, based upon sleep studies at the Kirschgartenclinic in Basel, Switzerland by Swiss researcher and sleep specialist, Dr. Dietrich Schneider-Helmert. The 7-Zone design was found to provide optimal sleeping comfort and ergonomic support to all parts of the body.

The latex core is contained in Royal Pedic's quilted Belgian 100% cotton covering, utilizing untreated lamb's wool from the South of France followed by hypo-allergenic Comfort Fil 7 to provide a plush and comfortable feel.

Royal-Pedic Box Spring construction is the finest available. We provide 22% more coils than is standard for extra support and durability, and have 50% more coils located in the center-third of the box spring to support the body where it's needed most.

Note on box springs: Typically Royal-Pedic does not hand tie their box springs. This method of holding the coils in place with cording can result in a lumpy mattress. The cording can and does stretch, which forces the coil out of position on an angle. Instead of hand tied box springs, Royal-Pedic uses a wire system called the Webster Lock Grid System to keep the coils in place. Steel wire is woven throughout the tops of the coils to secure the coil in place to eliminate the possibility of any lateral movement. Hand tied box springs are available at request for an additional charge.

Sizes: Twin ($4,520), XL Twin ($4,758), Full ($5,287), Queen ($5,723), King ($7,211) and California King ($7,211).

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Optional pillowtop pads provide extra cushioning, luxurious comfort, and additional pressure point relief to hips and shoulders for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. The pillowtop pad lays right on top of the mattress. Then the mattress pad and fitted sheet go over both the pillowtop pad and the mattress itself holding the pad in place. In addition, the pillowtop pads are quite substantial in weight, and the mattress and pillowtop pad coverings are cotton on cotton, rather than a slippery polyester fabric. The pillowtop pad will not slip around. The smaller 3" pillowtop pads have less latex cushioning, and you are closer to the firmness of the mattress. Therefore, it will feel plush and comfortable, but firmer in comparison to the 5" thick pad.

Pillowtop Pad Prices: Twin 3 in ($1,024), Twin XL 3 in ($1,062), Full 3 in ($1,164), Queen 3 in ($1,214), King 3 in ($1,422), Cal King 3 in ($1,422), Twin 4 in ($1,392), Twin XL 4 in ($1,444), Full 4 in ($1,584), Queen 4 in ($1,656), King 4 in ($1,932), Cal King 4 in ($1,932), Twin 5 in ($1,712), Twin XL 5 in ($1,776), Full 5 in ($1,948), Queen 5 in ($2,036), King 5 in ($2,382), Cal King 5 in ($2,382).

Shipping: This item will be shipped and installed FREE within the continental US via "Turnkey - White Glove" services. (Old mattress pickup is also available, please call for more information).

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Royal-Pedic Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress and Box Spring Set Reviews

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the most comfortable bed ever
By sleeping dogs from new york from on 2/23/2012
after much research and embarrassing mattress testing in many stores, we purchased the royal pedic latex mattress with the quilt top, the three inch topper and, most importantly, the adjustable base (think spa bed, not hospital bed, but i'll get to that later). this bed is so comfortable...very little movement when your partner moves, but no 'sinking' feeling like tempurpedic or other foam mattresses. we definitely sleep better. in fact, prior to getting the mattress, we'd stopped setting the alarm because our two dogs always woke us up before we needed to get up. the first morning with the new bed, we overslept because the dogs slept in! we now have to set an alarm each night because the dogs actually sleep later in this bed. seriously.
as far as the adjustable base, it is fantastic. we love it for reading and watching tv in bed or for working on our laptops. my husband has a bad back from time to time, and adjusting the bed at those times gives him tremendous relief (into a zero gravity position). it is fabulous for drinking or eating in bed when you are sick. we have each been amazed at how often we adjust the bed and how convenient it is. we agree that we will never have an ordinary flat bed again (we are in our thirties). fyi, the king comes with two remotes and each side functions independently. also, i recommend getting the 'wallhugger' type which prevents you from moving backward and forwards in the room (read the royal pedic literature to better explain this). we often joke that next to fire and the wheel, this bed is the best invention! we could not be happier. Cons: - none