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Unique in its reliance on natural cotton, the Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress is Royal-Pedic's firmest mattress, offering excellent orthopedic support. Royal-Pedic's optional 3" thick, 4" thick and 5" thick Pillowtop Pads provide extra cushioning and luxurious comfort to the 8" mattress while maintaining the mattress firmness and support. On a firmness rating of 1 to 5, this mattress has a firmness rating of 1. The mattress features Royal-Pedic's double heat tempered, Royal-Flex?

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By Qrysta from on 7/12/2010
Over the years I've heard many a sneer about Royal Pedic and Duxiana because they are two of the world's highest priced mattresses but I have to say RP deserves the hype they receive.

This one is hard as it can be but super duper strong and supportive and that's what I like.

For nothing but the sake of pride and bragging rights I asked WSB if it would come with the RP ticking with the actual words "Royal Pedic" embroidered into the golden ticking and they told me no. Well guess what? My mattress and even the pillowtop from a another store both have the gorgeous insignia right in the Belgian cotton cover and I'm thrilled. You spend this much, ya want the bells and whistles whether it accepts function or not!

Two of us heavyweights got on the Twin just to see and the springs did not care that together that's 500lbs. Not a squeak nor squawk it made. I can just imagine how comfy two could be on their King.

I added the 4" Pillowtop and its even more divine. Those in the family severely allergic to wool didn't have a bad reaction either, at least not yet.

What I don't like are the zillion and one rules of the RPedic warranty and the ridiculous amount money you lose if you need to return it. In 23 years I have returned 5 mattresses in my life, Sears, 800Mattress, Macy's and never have any of these stores deducted even a cent from the whole price when they gave me a refund on a returned mattress or mattress/box set. Not a dime. RP's policy can amount to a loss of a thousand or more on a return. Sears even just refunded the delivery and cart away fee.

The Warranty- Everything except breathing voids the warranty and that's makes it virtually useless. Hopefully though this will be my last mattress purchase and I won't need to care about its warranty coverage. There are other strong superb quality boxsprings for far less money and we shouldn't be penalized for not buying the RP foundation.

I'm also tired of companies forgetting that some of us are elderly or handicapped or elderly and handicapped. WE CAN'T TURN AND ROTATE anything let alone 140 lb mattresses and their toppers. I barely could get the pillowtop on the mattress (and under the encasement). Manufacturing is still done as if we all were in the 4 generation households of the 1910s where perhaps most did have sons around to help. We aren't there anymore. Things need to be made with that consideration in mind, "how will a person alone who isn't Hercules do this?" From laser printers to mattresses that's the Q manufacturers need to pose to themselves when considering design options. We don't have built in butlers and staffs just because we need one.

This mattress definitely won't be rotated each month! None should be made that need that beyond crib size.

I returned a Serta Calm Harbor Euro Top II Perfect Day disappointing squish of a mattress categorized as FIRM which was anything but and got this instead. If you need or want firm buy this pair of items you will not be disappointed. Also ask the store about RP's air EXPRESS service. I don't know why the stores aren't putting that option right on the site for all to see. For hundreds more you get to be on your bed in 8 days. I got mine that fast CA to NY. Deeelighted at the store for offering that to me. Thank you Raul! You've earned my future business.