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Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers



You can use the Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers by award-winning Swiss manufacturer, Rubis, for facial hairs, bikini lines and other body hairs.

Length: 3 3/4 inches.

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Why Buy Rubis Tweezers?

  • Your tweezers will last a long time. - All Rubis tweezers are made of resilient, anti-acid, stainless Swedish steel. They can be sterilized without rusting.
  • You will have precision - Ideal span, high stability, resilience of material accounts for effectiveness and precision.
  • Easy for you to use - An ergonomically correct form will assure ease of handling and comfort. Rubis focuses on making sure that your ability to hold and control the instrument matches its perfect precision.
  • You will have quality - All tweezers are individually crafted and tested to guarantee top Swiss quality. Rubis tweezers are the right choice if you demand the best.

Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Better Than Most
By Christine LaRocca from NY from on 12/27/2013
I purchased the Rubis Gold last month, after having owned the silver for about 5 years.
Both work well, but I have noticed that the gold is very sharp and it broke off hairs vs grabbing
them properly in many cases. I did not expect that. My first pair of Rubis slant tweezers were
amazing as to how well they gripped any type of hair. I would have liked to give these a 5 star, but I will say it again, they literally cut through and broke eyebrow hair and I was not able to grip it as with the original silver pair I own. I would like to add that you should use sparingly, as to avoid dulling them. All in all, the Rubis brand itself is the best one I've used, and I've purchased over 15 kinds over the years. They offer sharpening, which I think will help straighten out my pair. Pros: - Its sharpness can be a plus, if you need
to expose the hair in order to pull it. The silver Rubis works better for me. Cons: - It tends to cut and break eyebrow hair before I am able to pull it out (too sharp).
Verified Buyer
The best tweezers
By A. Davidson from Long Beach, California from on 5/21/2013
I have ben usin rubis tweezers for 20 years. The gold slant tweezers are the top of the line. As a woman who tweezes daily I require the best tweezer possible, a tweezer that can grip even the smallest hairs. The gold slant tweezers do this for me. Pros: - I adore this product and will continue to purchase for myself as well as family and friends Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
great tweezers
By wanda from New Jersey from on 4/25/2012
easy to use
Verified Buyer
Works well!
By Diane from Fountain Hills AZ from on 3/24/2011
Thiis is a replacement for a previous rubis tweezer. It had somehow gotten bent and rough and would not workl Pros: - It does what it is supposed to do easily.I an well pleased with the rubis tweezer. Cons: - If it had some kind of case to put it in so it would be easier to find in a purse or drawer.
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers
By Anonymous from on 2/6/2011
Best tweezers on the market!
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers
By JC from on 11/9/2010
Great tool! Very precise, I've tried many and this is the best tweezers so far.
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Gold Slant Tweezers
By Andra J from on 5/14/2009
I have used these for years because of their high quality but purchase them from you because of you're effeciency in getting them to me