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Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers



The Rubis Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers are all-purpose stainless steel tweezers feature both slant and point tips in a unique design.

Length: 4 inches.

Why Buy Rubis Tweezers?

  • Your tweezers will last a long time. - All Rubis tweezers are made of resilient, anti-acid, stainless Swedish steel. They can be sterilized without rusting.
  • You will have precision - Ideal span, high stability, resilience of material accounts for effectiveness and precision.
  • Easy for you to use - An ergonomically correct form will assure ease of handling and comfort. Rubis focuses on making sure that your ability to hold and control the instrument matches its perfect precision.
  • You will have quality - All tweezers are individually crafted and tested to guarantee top Swiss quality. Rubis tweezers are the right choice if you demand the best.

Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers Reviews

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Verified Buyer
If you drop them, they can be fixed!!!
By Margiefsmith@gmail.com from Mobile, Al from on 11/22/2012
Love these tweezers soooo much. I dropped them and promptly sent them to the sharpening service listed on the box. Cost $3.00 plus whatever it cost to ship!, keep you box, it's great to store them in
Very fast service too!
Verified Buyer
These were great UNTIL...
By MA from San Frnacisco from on 9/4/2012
These were great UNTIL i accidently dropped them and one of the 'point' got bent and i could not fix it and that was the end of tweezing w/an expensive tweezer Pros: - Precision made (Swiss)
Do the job

there needs to be a 'not sure' or 'conditionally' selection on the 'would you recommned....' Cons: - Be careful...they are sharp!
Very 'delicate' the 'tips' are easily bent!
Verified Buyer
By LINDA from OHIO from on 8/5/2012
I was so pleased to be able to get another one of these great tweezers as I lost ine and nothing really is as good a tweezer as this one. Pros: - THIS TWEEZERS IS THE BEST
Verified Buyer
By Donti from Kansas City from on 1/23/2012
The slant/point tweezers take a while to get used to, but now I like them a lot. I bought my first pair of Rubis tweezers 7 months ago. At that time I was reluctant to put out that much for a pair of tweezers but decided to splurge. My word of warning is that once you get used to really nice tweezers like Rubis you are ruined forever for drugstore or even tweezerman tweezers. To clean them I dip in alcohol and they stay super sharp. Next you'll want a really good magnifying mirror (like Irving Rice) to go with your tweezers! Pros: - very sharp, easy to handle Cons: - it takes a while to get used to the angle of the slant/point tweezers.
Verified Buyer
Could be better.
By Claire from Los Angeles, CA from on 7/11/2011
I have been using this tweezer for nearly a month now. I had high hopes after seeing some good reviews and paying double than they cost on average. The truth is if this tweezer grabbed every hair every time I would be prepared to pay triple or more - as I suspect most users would be. There is nothing worse than a half functional tweezer. This one works better than the cheap ones I have had, but has lost some of its grip already. I am sorry to say that I still have to reach for my oldest pair for some hairs. Pros: - I like the point - as long as it stays tight. Cons: - Some hairs don't get caught. They should provide a long, colourful plastic container for it like you get for toothbrushes - that would help me find it and protect the tips. The tiny see-through plastic cap got lost within a week. Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers
By Annie from on 12/16/2010
i love this tweezers , clean very good
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers
By eclecta from on 12/11/2010
These are superb instruments, long lasting and better by far than any other brand.
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers
By Anonymous from on 10/7/2010
These are the best tweezers available - much, much better than Tweezerman.
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Stainless Steel Combination Slant/Point Tweezers
By Anonymous from on 5/18/2010
The best tweezers ever, and worth every penny.