Rubis Stainless Steel Ear/Nose Hair Scissors



The Rubis Stainless Steel Ear/Nose Hair Scissors are an outstanding precise scissors with drop-shaped tips, safe for cutting little hairs in nose and ears.

Designed in an ergonomical, functional and elegant shape, these scissors are made with Swiss precision and craftsmanship out of the best antacid, hardened stainless surgical steel.

Rubis has received two international design awards for this fine implement.

Length: 3 1/2".

Why Buy A Rubis?

  • Your implement will last a long time. - All Rubis; implements are made of resilient, anti-acid, stainless Swedish steel. They can be sterilized without rusting.
  • You will have precision - Ideal span, high stability, resilience of material accounts for effectiveness and precision.
  • Easy for you to use - An ergonomically correct form will assure ease of handling and comfort. Rubis focuses on making sure that your ability to hold and control the instrument matches its perfect precision.
  • You will have quality - All Rubis implements are individually crafted and tested to guarantee top Swiss quality.

Rubis Stainless Steel Ear/Nose Hair Scissors Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Trimming the heard!
By David from Central Ohio from on 2/12/2015
Who doesn't love a freshly cut nose hair?

These scissors are sharp, but with a gentle " - no knick" - curved tip, perfect for snipping in one's delicate nasal recesses. The blade is so sharp, there is no snagging or dragging.

Every cut is clean, and easy. There's just the slightest scream by each offender as they are beheaded, if you will. For me, no pain, all gain.

Don't be fooled by drug store imitators, you get what you pay for! Pros: - Precise,
High quality,
Long lasting,
Safe. Cons: - That i didn't get these sooner!!!
Verified Buyer
Terrific Product
By Sharon from from on 7/8/2014
I bought these for those 'little hairs' on my face. They do a great job, very sharp and precise. Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Review for Rubis Stainless Steel Ear/Nose Hair Scissors
By jethro from on 11/15/2007
Swiss Quality