Technivorm Table Top Coffee Grinder

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Make getting ready in the morning that much easier with the Technivorm Table Top Coffee Grinder. This compact grinder is designed with a unique aerodynamic operation that perfectly grinds coffee beans to the perfect texture and consistency for use with a coffee filter in a traditional coffee maker. It features an auto-delivery system that carefully disperses the coffee beans into the grinder itself, making for a uniform finish. The unique innovative design of this grinder makes it so that it will not heat up during the grinding process, eliminating worries of damaging table and countertops. With a gorgeous stainless steel finish and a simple push button design, you'll be craving a great cup of coffee all day!


  • Table Top Design
  • Holds up to 400 g of Coffee
  • Push Button Operation
  • Grinds Coffee to Work with Filters

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