Dr. Vranjes: The Collections


The Four Elements

This pure-scented collection draws inspiration from Earth's natural aromas. The forest-scented Terra and the fresh, citrusy Aria are perfect for bedrooms, while the ocean breeze scent of Acqua and the cozy, rustic tones of Fuoco give life to living rooms and studies.


Compass Card

From the sweet, floral scents brought by the dawn in the East to the fresh, clean aromas of the sea in the West, The Compass Card Collection bottles up the best fragrances of each region to provide four unique, relaxing scents perfect for enriching any bathroom, bedroom or living room.


The Soft Fruity

This five-bottle collection mixes sweet scents with bold notes to create nostalgic aromas reminiscent of childhood. Pompelmo Cassis infuses grapefruit, orange and lemon with sweet mint and white musk. Arancio Cannella mixes fresh citrus tones with cinnamon and oriental spices to form a sweet, spicy scent.


The Elegant Flowers

This delicate, romantic collection features sweet floral scents ideal for bedrooms, entrance halls and family rooms. Tuberosa Mughetto mixes the soft fragrance of lily of the valley with the sophisticated orchid for gentle elegance, and Green Flowers blends green tea undertones with traces of tangy lemon and orange and sweet jasmine and mint.


The Spiced Romantics

Travel to distant lands when you take in the captivating, foreign smells of the Spiced Romantics Collection. Ginger Lime infuses exotic spices with tangy fruits. Spezie Rare mixes the captivating scents of unfamiliar wild flowers with the earthy tones of cloves and cardamom.


Italian Fruits and Flowers

The Italian Fruits and Flowers Collection brings the fragrances of Italy right to your home. Inspired by the sun’s warm rays, Limone and mandarino infuses the strong scents of lemon and tangerine with inviting vanilla. Melograno Menta blends fresh pomegranate, watermelon and wild mint to create an aroma reminiscent of Italy’s fragrant countryside.


Collection Fragrances

This wide-ranging collection features new, limited-production scents every year. Offered in Dr. Vranjes’ classic bottles or elegant crystal vases, fragrances like the crisp, apple- and wood-inspired Calvado’s and the breezy, floral Giardino Delle Rose add luxury to any room.