More than 60 years ago Outils Rubis manufactured their first tweezers for the Swiss watch industry. Only the most precise instruments of the highest quality could be used to assemble delicate mechanical clockworks. Hence, a tradition of craftsmanship with a keen awareness of functional precision and aesthetic form was developed that all along has also been a virtue of Swiss watch producers. The Rubis philosophy of combining modern technical know-how, experience, and unparalleled functional design has produced implements that have won ten international design awards. All Rubis implements are made with Swedish steel, which is resilient, anti-acid and can be sterilized without rusting.

What Type of Rubis Tweezers Should I Buy?

Rubis Slanted Tweezers - For safe plucking of undesirable hairs, especially for shaping eyebrows. The specially ground inner section of the hair gripping surface that is made of tempered high-grade Swedish steel, guarantees a secure grip on any kind of hair. The slanted ends permit an ideal positioning angle of the tweezers to the skin.

Rubis Point Tweezers - Designed by Rubis to remove ingrown hairs, bristles and stubbles left after application of a depilatory. A sharply pointed precision tweezers needed in every household to remove ingrown hairs as well as foreign bodies having lodged themselves in the skin, such as thorns, spines, and slivers.