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UGG Women's Sheepskin Insole


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Replace the insoles of your UGG Australia footwear with a new pair of UGG Women's Sheepskin Insole. Replace as often as needed to restore the comfort, warmth and moisture wicking properties of new sheepskin. Sold as a pair these UGG insoles are recommended only for UGGs with replaceable insoles.

Care: Keep insoles clean by hand washing with UGG Australia sheepskin shampoo or any mild soap you would use on your skin or hair. Let air dry away from direct heat or sunlight.


  • Genuine sheepskin topsole that conforms to your foot
  • 5mm EVA foam stitched (not glued - won't delaminate) to sheepskin topsole
  • 5mm latex heel and arch support that is cemented to EVA foam


UGG Australia Women's Size Chart:

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Japan Sizes Chinese Inches CM
5 36 3.5 22 34 8.5" 21.6
5.5 36.5 4 22.5 35 8.75" 22.2
6 37 4.5 23 36 8.875" 22.5
6.5 37.5 5 23.5 37 9.0625" 23
7 38 5.5 24 38 9.25" 23.5
7.5 38.5 6 24.5 38.5 9.375" 23.8
8 39 6.5 25 39 9.5" 24.1
8.5 39.5 7 25.5 40 9.6875" 24.6
9 40 7.5 26 41 9.875" 25.1
9.5 40.5 8 26.5 42 10" 25.4
10 41 8.5 27 43 10.1875" 25.9
10.5 41.5 9 28 44 10.3125" 26.2
11 42 9.5 28.5 44.5 10.5" 26.7
11.5 42.5 10 29 45 10.6875" 27.1
12 43 10.5 29.5 46 10.875" 27.6


Ugg sheepskin insole.
By Janie Ivins from Crockett, Texas. from on 1/14/2015
Love the sheepskin insoles, they make my UGG boots feel like new again. They put the cushion back in my boots.
By Freda from Bx, NY from on 12/23/2014
I liked it .I put it in my rain boots.
Walking on a cloud.
By Lorel from , Brunswick, ME from on 3/11/2014
These insoles are heavenly!
I was afraid, very afraid...
By Helen from New York. from on 1/24/2014
Ordering these insoles gave me a lot of pause. Reading the reviews here and on other sites, these insoles were either hit or miss. Bottom line, these insoles are great. Everyone's experience will be different depending on the shoe they'e buying these for. I can't speak to the fit with slippers, non-Ugg boots or any brand shoes. I ordered these for my Bailey Button boots, which are about 2 months old and broken in quite nicely. The insole in my Bailey Buttons are ***not*** removable. I'd read to order a size down. Then I read order up and cut the insoles. I decided to order the same size as my boot - a size 7. They fit ***perfectly***. I think the reason they fit is because Uggs do stretch out over time, so that offsets any tightness you might feel when you slip these puffy bad boys in. I have problem feet (no arches and a bunion on one foot) and these insoles feel like you are walking on pillows. They even have a bit of arch support. These insoles fit my newer Classic Short Uggs, but since my boots aren't broken in, it feels a bit tight still. I anticipate that will change. Btw, these insoles are so much better than the insoles Ugg boots come with. There's a lot a cushioning, which is a plus for me. Highly recommend. Thank you WhatSheBuys!
Ugg insole.
By Gen from Midwest. from on 1/13/2014
These arrived quickly and were as described. I put them inside a pair of shoes that were a bit too big... instant warmth and comfort.
UGG Sheepskin Insole .
By Oma from central Wisconsin. from on 1/9/2014
Ordered these to renew non-UGG sheepskin moccasins. Love them...will be ordering more
Ugg women's sheepskin insole.
By Teri from Escondido, CA from on 1/1/2014
Service and product met all my expectations-thank you!
Ugg Insoles.
By Peggy from Dewey, AZ. from on 12/22/2013
I ordered two of these. They arrived on time and are better than I expected. Nice and thick. I will order them again when I need them from Whatshebuys. Thank you.
Let the insole fit the shoe.
By GDH from Detroit. from on 12/21/2013
If you make sure Ugg sheepskin insoles will fit your boots/shoes, you will have happy feet.
UGG Women's Sheepskin Insole.
By Donna J Smith from Middleburg, Florida from on 10/27/2013
Third time I've ordered this UGG sole. Wonderful cushion for feet.
Ugg sheepskin Insoles.
By Simone from Deming, Washington. from on 4/23/2013
They fit perfect, Comfortable.
UGG Insole.
By Carol from Scranton, PA. from on 4/15/2013
I love WHATSHEBUYS & - the products. Terrific Customer Service they really take care of their customers! And free shipping and good packaging. Thanks for carrying these inserts and at a fair price. They fit well in my Tall Classic braided boot and put spring back in my step. Size 6 insole fits size 6 boot!
Perfect for my classic short boots.
By Sarah from on 2/22/2013
I needed these after about 2 years of wear of my current boots and these are perfect. They are not too thick and are rather very plush and comfy.
Too thick for my need.
By Delphine from Grayslake, IL from on 2/7/2013
I do not own UGG snow boots for which these insoles were obviously intended. I was looking for a replacement insole for my warm lambskin house slippers. Turns out these insoles were too thick with heavy-duty bottoms. I searched internet and found yours to try. I was so excited to get them (in record time by first class mail! thank you), I recycled the wrappings too quickly so I can't send them back. They were also too thick for my Canadian Toe Warmer boots. I will either hold on to them, or donate them to Goodwill for someone who can use them. I am 84 years old and live in northern Illinois. I do not have the equipment to send a picture.
Great product and service.
By Monica from Santa Clara, CA from on 1/26/2013
Don't own UGGS but these inserts fit perfectly into my Minnetonka slippers that had the insoles worn out. They fit perfectly and my slippers look new again. Love the no shipping charge too. They arrived quickly.
Adds new life to precious Uggs
By Josette from Eugene, OR from on 1/2/2013
I love my Uggs and after 2 years of constant wearing, the Ugg boots were not as warm and wearing down in the arch. It was at this point I had the realization that the boots had remove able insoles. I was considering buying new Uggs ($179 on sale) just because I love these boots so much when I asked the store if I could buy new insoles. The shearing was totally worn away on my insoles. They said no. I went home to see if I could buy the boots cheaper on line and I was delighted to find I could actually buy the insoles. It was worth taking a chance on the insoles making a difference for only $16. WhatSheBuys made it easy and did as they said - they shipped that day even considering my order was placed on Dec. 20 - the busy holiday season. I had them on Dec. 26 and voila! The insoles revived my boots and saved me the higher cost of new boots. Thanks WhatSheBuys for stocking this very valuable product.
Warm and toasty.
By Annie64 from Ohio. from on 10/19/2012
When you need to replace your Ugg insoles, or if you want to make a pair of non-Uggs warm and toasty, these are the cat's meow! Super thick and comfy, it's like walking on a cloud.
Cushy sheepskin innersoles.
By Frances from Placerville, California. from on 10/9/2012
These were perfect for my sheepskin slippers. I had removable inserts so I purchased the same size as the slipper and it was just right.
Excellent product!
By Cathy from Columbus, Ohio from on 3/7/2012
Great price, fast shipping and free shipping.
By Pickyshopper from Linwood, NJ from on 2/26/2012
These inserts are the best! Make your UGGs feel brand new again! These were sold out everywhere, so glad I found them here!!! :))
Uggs sheepskin insole.
By Ellen from Herndon, Virginia. from on 2/12/2012
Used to refurbish worn insole in Uggs.
Great comfort for winter.
By Yumi from New York. from on 2/1/2012
This is really nice to put inside the any shoes. It's warm and also be able to adjust the size for a little big shoes.
Great insole.
By Gabriela from Brooklyn, NY from on 1/27/2012
Very thick. My boots are 6.5 and 7. 7 was too big, I ordered 2 pair of 6.
Ahhhhhhh.......they are new again!
By Leesa B from Taos, NM from on 1/26/2012
I forgot how amazing my UGG boots felt when I first got them. After many years (6+), the insoles got flat. My UGG's are completely rejuvinated! I am in love. WHATSHEBUYS had the lowest price on these, free shipping, and I received them in 3 days.....amazing! THE BEST!!!
By Ben from ST. Paul. from on 1/22/2012
I had a UGG boots more than 3 years.
The original insole are worn off.

I try this Women's sheepskin insole right the way.
It's feel like you are wear a new boots again.
Fresh and comfy.