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Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

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The Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks set is a fun, comprehensive way to learn the Chinese language. Not only does the 32-piece set feature simple Mandarine Chinese characters with English translations, it also features pictures of the pinyin equivalent. The hands-on set also has stroke-grids to learn how to draw the characters, a fun puzzle with a map of China and even a Chinese flag with a yellow dragon. These blocks pack in a lot of culture into a easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, formatted set. Stack these up in the playroom, and before you know it, you’ll be communicating with your child in Mandarin.


  • 32 block set
  • Sustainable finished wood
  • Special grid for character strokes
  • Mandarin, English and pin yin equivalent symbols
  • Complete puzzle featuring map of China


Uncle Goose is not your ordinary toy company. Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, the group of spirited craftspeople share a passion for block making. Handcrafted using sustainable and environmentally considerate basswood as well as non-toxic inks, Uncle Goose strives for unmatched top-quality products. From alphabet blocks to foreign language blocks, Uncle Goose provides a fun and educational way to play!

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