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Uncle Goose Chord Cubes Ukulele Blocks

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Block sets aren't just limited to letters and numbers. Learn to play the ukulele with the Ukulele Chord Cubes set by Uncle Goose. It's never been simpler to learn to "play" as you play. Nine genuine well-crafted wood blocks make it easy for your child (and even adults) to learn up to fifty-four chords including: sharp, flat, major and minor. The reusable, sturdy puzzle box comes with a special V-shaped stand for easy viewing without neck strain. Learn to play the easy way with Uncle Goose.


  • 9 block set
  • Sustainable finished wood
  • A, B, C chords complete with major and minors
  • Special "V" stand for viewing angle
  • Chords printed on all sides of block for easy readability
  • Made in the USA


Uncle Goose is not your ordinary toy company. Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, the group of spirited craftspeople share a passion for block making. Handcrafted using sustainable and environmentally considerate basswood as well as non-toxic inks, Uncle Goose strives for unmatched top-quality products. From alphabet blocks to foreign language blocks, Uncle Goose provides a fun and educational way to play!

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