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Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks

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It's elementary, my dear Watson. Give your future Marie Curie her first set of Periodic Table Blocks by Uncle Goose and have her mixing compounds in no time. The Elemental Blocks are the perfect science fan's dream for their little ones. The set includes 20 hand-crafted Michigan Basswood cubes each with six elemental images including their symbol, atomic number and name. This easy-to-carry set contains the entire periodic table of elements in a fun, rainbow toy. You're welcome.


  • 20 block set
  • Sustainable, Michigan Basswood
  • 6 elements per wooden cube, entire periodic table in set
  • Fun, colorful non-toxic, lead-free ink
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Great playroom accessory


Uncle Goose is not your ordinary toy company. Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, the group of spirited craftspeople share a passion for block making. Handcrafted using sustainable and environmentally considerate basswood as well as non-toxic inks, Uncle Goose strives for unmatched top-quality products. From alphabet blocks to foreign language blocks, Uncle Goose provides a fun and educational way to play!

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