WhatSheBuys Rarreretailer

Rest assured that you are dealing with a major authorized retailer of the products you are purchasing. WhatSheBuys sells only world-class genuine brand products that we have carefully identified and selected.

Likewise, the brands we offer only approve high quality retailers to sell their products and WhatSheBuys is an authorized retailer. For your own protection, always make sure you are buying from an authorized retailer if you don't purchase from WhatSheBuys.

Further, WhatSheBuys is usually one of the largest retailers of each brand we offer. This is because we usually stock every item in the brand's collection, our staff is constantly trained for product knowledge, and we offer world-class, 5 star rated service.

Unfortunately, with some of the world-class brands we carry, counterfeit or fake products has become a constant problem. Knockoff products offer a lesser quality product generally illegally produced that do not come with a manufacturer's warranty or any form of quality assurance. For manufacturers such as UGG Australia and Longchamp, they have a list of authorized retailer on their website. Other manufacturer's such as Mason Pearson issue a unique badge for its authorized retailers. Whether or not you are purchasing from WhatSheBuys, always insist on purchasing genuine product.

List of UGG Authorized Retailers listed on UGG Australia website.

Check the Longchamp Website for a list of authorized online retailers. WhatSheBuys is on that list, to confirm search under zip code 91108 (our retail store's zip code).