Zing Anything Aqua Zinger




If you have ever enjoyed restaurant or supermarket flavored waters, then the Zing Anything Aqua Zinger enables you to make your own fruit-flavored waters at home. Just add your fresh fruit and aromatics to the base cup, re-attach to the stainless-steel sports bottle and let it steep 20 minutes. The strainer in the base cup will ensure that your pulp stays separated from the infused liquid. Try any combination of fruit, herbs and spices - berries, melon, kiwi - it doesn't matter - each will create a delicious and natural drink that will keep you hydrated and satisfied.

Product Features:

  • Made from high-quality vacuum insulated double wall food-grade stainless steel.
  • BPA/EA-free Tritan plastic base cup and top.
  • Wide mouth top for easy filling and ice cubes.
  • Sport cap has removable straw for easy cleaning.
  • Rubberized bottom to reduce chance of spills.
  • Carbonated water friendly.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Size: 20 ounces.

Note: Each drink is good for 1 refill (refill requires longer steep time). Shake firmly for best results. Harder fruit such as apples should be cut into smaller pieces and steeped longer. Do not microwave or freeze.

Zing Anything Aqua Zinger Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Aqua Zinger
By Bianca from Los Angeles, Ca. from on 1/27/2014
This item has a few cons but it's the only thing that gets me excited about drinking water (New Year's resolution). I've done a few different mixes and the product inserts have a few great ideas with recipes to try as well, such as using sparkling water. I love that it gives my water lots of flavor without the pulp or seeds of the fruit. It also keeps my water cold for most of the day. Pros: - filters pulp and seeds
doesn't leak Cons: - weighs about 2.02 lbs filled with water
wish it held a little more liquids
seeds are difficult to clean from filter
Verified Buyer
By jill shachat bell from Los Angeles from on 12/28/2013
Best new water bottle of the century! I add everything imaginable to my zinger and it flavors my H2O in 30 minutes. Lemon and raspberry are my current favorite, but I'm sure that with their recipe suggestions I will have many favorites in 2014. WhatSheBuys always features the latest and the greatest.
Pros: - Everything! Cons: - No dislikes