Zoku Classic Pop Mold

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Transform fresh fruit juices and purees into delicious ice pops with the fantastic Zoku Classic Pop Mold. Simply choose a flavour and fill the molds for an easy way to yummy ice pops. These playful classic shaped molds are perfect to use during the summer months for an icy treat. Includes six molds for triple the fun!


  • 1 Classic Pop Mold
  • 6 Removable Molds
  • 6 Sticks with Drip Guards
  • Easy to remove
  • Simple to clean


Zoku, whose name means family in Japanese, is a company that designs fun, quirky and functional home products. Designed in bright hues, their line of kitchen accessories is both chic and creative. Zoku products have been recognized and featured in the Chicago Athenaum Museum for Architecture and Design. Show off at your next dinner party and make your own ice-cream and ice-pops in minutes! Located in New Jersey, Zoku combines innovation and high-quality design in its contemporary line of kitchen and home accessories.

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